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Vincent Valdis

Vincent Valdis

Lives in Canterlot, Canterlot Equestria · Born on May 6, 1992
Misc. RP Information
PLEASE, take some time to read over my rules. They're not much to read over so please go over them, that way we can get along smoothly. Thanks in advance.

I. I will be staying in character majority of the time, as I want to get a feel for the character, so don't expect the "mod" speaking on this account often.

II. No God-modding. Please, just don't. I do not mind if my character suffers from injuries during the roleplay, however don't hurt him excessively without legitimate reason(s). Do not attempt to kill my character without my permission.

III. Literacy... as long as I can comprehend what you're trying to say, you're good.

IV. I don't mind the length of your responses you provide me during the roleplay, but try to provide me with more than one-liners. TRY, being the key word. You don't have to.

V. I'm here mainly to roleplay and have fun doing it. Please don't tell me how to write and how long I should make my responses. Be warned! I write my responses as long as I want them to be, so if you provide me with, for example, five paragraphs don't expect me to return the same. Once again, I am here to have fun. However, most of the time I will at least provide a paragraph.

VI. Let's talk about starters. If you ask me to roleplay, please send the starter. If I would like to RP with you then I will send the starter. If you are having troubles coming up with something to send as a starter, then please let me know and we can discuss.

VII. Despite having gynophobia, Vincent is Heteorsexual. This should be self explanatory.

VIII. Relationships does not take one day to build. I will not ship my character with anypony without first getting to know them.

IX. I did not draw these pictures. They were commissioned for me as a gift from a friend.

X. Lastly, have fun!
Current Location
Known Aliases
V.V. ■ Vince ■ Val ■ Vivi
Short Biography
"There isn't really much of anything to say about my life. Sure, I grew up never seeing what my parents looked like, but the thought that I got abandoned never crossed my mind. I still have no idea if they're still alive, but I have a feeling they are. Well, guess that's more like wishful thinking, but that's just me looking at the bright side. There are so much I want to ask them, after all. Grandfather pretty much took me in and raised me as his own in Canterlot. He was very stern and strict, but he meant well. You'll find that he's very gentle and caring once you get pass his hard shell."

"So, the rest of my upbringing is pretty normal. Oh, apparently my left eye has magical properties. I can see things that normal ponies could not. I actually still don't know what I can accomplish with my eye, but I'm in no rush to find out. After all... it's not fun being called a freak... Oh, what did I mean by that? Well, let's just say attending school did not go well for me. I'm thankful grandfather took me out of school and decided to homeschooled me instead. I have no idea why I was born with this eye, but I used to think of it like curse. However, I've grow to accept myself and use its powers right, after learning how to control it. Perhaps I inherited it from my parents, or maybe it's something much more. Hopefully one day I'll be able to solve the mystery."

"When did I develop a fear of mares? Well... I'll have to blame school, or rather the ponies I met there. Anyways! On the bright side, I have gotten better. I can hold a conversation. What am I still trying to out work? Unfortunately, I am still having trouble making eye-contact and I still like to keep a good distance."

"What have I been doing? Really nothing special, except helping my grandfather run his tavern from time to time. Honestly, I'm not sure why he would have a tavern built in the Everfree Forest, but surprisingly nothing has gone wrong."
Current Status
Semi-Available for RPing.
Preferred RP Style
Common Locations your Character will be.
Ponyville ■ Canterlot ■ Cloudsdale ■ Everfree Forest
Skin / Coat Color
Ghost White
Eye Color
left eye Golden, right eye Crimson
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
Glided shield with a lion in the middle, wings, and two ribbons.
Detailed Description
Please look at the pictures.
"You'll have to get to know me to find out. I do like a lot of things."
"Spiders just... no. Keep them away from me! I... have a problem with mares, especially when it comes to skin contact. I have gynophobia... There, I said it!"
Long term goal(s)
"Cure my gynophobia!"
Known Spells
"All I know is that I have enhanced vision and I can see things normal ponies can not. I'm still trying to figure out everything this eye can do. Apparently the main power of this eye allows me to transport almost anything into another dimension. I can also able to make myself intangible by transporting portions of my body to the same pocket dimension."

Dimensional Transport
Enhanced Vision
Detailed Personality
Brave, sometimes Reckless
Easygoing, unless he's working
➟ a bit of a Tease
No Sense of Direction
➟ has Gynophobia
"I do a little freelancing, but I mainly help in my grandfather's tavern."
Detailed History
"Work in progress, so stay tuned. Actually, this section may take a while..."