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Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

Lives in  Cloudsdale Equestria · Born on May 10, 1998
Misc. RP Information
You are free to unadd me if you do not want to wall RP ~♥
Hi there! I'm Teddy Bear, and it's nice to meet you. I'd like to rule off some general Ponysquare rules here!

1. If you don't want to RP with a pony like Teddy, there's this edgy alternate account called Primrose I also manage... she's pretty much an edge-queenheh

2. No fetish of any sorts - nasty

3. Wall RPs are canon, and she hasn't got a SSP. The reason she doesn't have one currently is the fact that the admin was inactive and wasn't RPing with me anymore ;x;

4. I will Wall RP with anypony, there aren't any restrictions, the main appeal for this account is to bring the community together. I WILL occasionally put out I'm open for some private roleplayinnn' //shot

5. All art created and posted on this account was done by moi! There's a folder of fanart that you can check out, I always appreciate it from you lovely, talented people! (ohstaphityou) <3

Methods of Communication:
Skype: polar_bear_thedog
Youtube: Foxy Lyrical

Teddy's theme (cos apparently people do this?):

Profile Picture base credit:
(but I did the mane etc.)
Current Location
Short Biography
Teddy was born to an average family, until when she was 15 and was offered a placement by her parents to manage a flower shop they were retiring from. Teddy took up the offer immediately. It was a rough beginning of her career, being only 15 and managing the store. Her social anxiety prevented her from gaining the money needed to stabilize her home income for her parents, and it was a rough time, having to take a temporary part time job as a night shift. The top floor of her flower store was used as storage, and over the course of one year, they redesigned it to fit the homely needs of this young mare. This was much easier for her, able to open the store much earlier, and close it much later, earning now an essential and consistent salary for herself and her family.

At the age of 18, she is having an average life, taking it as it comes to her, remembering her morals.
Assets / Property / Bits
Property -
She manages an insignificant flower store in Cloudsdale, which isn't extremely popular, but is enough to pay for her necessities. Atop this, there's an apartment which is big enough to get by in.

Bits: 200B
She earns an almost consistent amount of bits. There are regular spikes during events throughout Equestria, more likely ones where flowers are in high demand.
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
... (Yes it is Stitches!)
Music | Sketching | Sleeping | Eating | Dogs and Cats | Mid-day Naps | Rain
Talking to Strangers | Chores | Spiders | Gym
Detailed Personality
Teddy is a generally kind and compassionate mare. She's more mature than her name suggests, and isn't entirely a pony who would deliberately insult someone, or deliberately cause harm to them. She'd prefer to be left alone at times, without interaction from anypony, except those she loves most. You wouldn't see her naturally out on runs, or walks, or at the local gym, but possibly at the nearest bakery, park or peaceful environment. Do not expect her to immediately approach you.

Teddy has bad social anxiety, but needs help from somebody close to her to help overcome this! She is an insanely jealous pony, and even the slightest thing that wasn't meant directly would make her triggered. She can be bitterly selfish and sarcastic at her moments of rage.

If you want help with relationships or any advice, Teddy is generally the pony that ponies would go to for it. Only if you know her though.

She doesn't swear, smoke and once had an ear piercing but hasn't worn it for a while.