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Kiru Kikuchi

Kiru Kikuchi

Lives in Taipa?, Ponyville Equestria · Born on March 2, 1989
Misc. RP Information

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//Hello, friends and various strangers! I see you happen to come across my profile, but don't worry the read shall be short and sweet! Also, don't hesitate to add me. I'm a nice person!



>First off~ No go modding, please? Kiru may be strong, but you can defeat him.

> ****I only do human and anthro. I'm sorry, pony just doesn't interest me anymore.****

>I usually do Romance, and or Adventure.

>Don't cast us in a relationship, friends, or anything like that on first sight.

>Okay, you don't know Ark is a half Vampire in roleplay, only if your character as studied them, or notices similar vampire like features.

>If I hug you, that means I think you have an interesting character~! And might like to roleplay with you!

>No controlling my character!

>Okay, as much as people don't like it.. we discus and plan the roleplay before we actually start. I can't stress that enough..

>Relationships are strictly character to character! I'd be happy to make a good friend out of you though.

>Please.. no asterisk roleplayers! I feel most of them lack detail and it just looks sloppy. Sorry!

>All starters must be at least 2 paragraphs long, or I'll simply tell you I'm not interested.

>If roleplays aren't responded to in 4 days, I'll simply assume you don't want to roleplay, or I'm not worth your time. Unless told beforehand you'll be busy.

>All replies must be at the least of 3 sentences to keep it some what interesting, and so I can respond.

>No auto hitting, we all know how annoying that is.

>If you read my rules, send "Hello Taipan" in your friend request.

>Anthro, and humanoid are my favorites, because hands.

>Grammar is a must, I just find it makes the roleplay that much better, so please.. try your best.

Basic Roleplay Requirements.
Decent Grammar, and decent punctuation.
1-2 Paragraph starters at least
3+ Sentence replies

Basic roleplay questions, and my preferred beside!

Starter Length? (1-4 paragraphs)
Reply Length? (3+ Sentences)
Human, or Anthro? (I personally don't mind either.)
Time? (Medieval times)
Genre? (Romance mixed with adventure.)
Canon, noncanon? (Depends)

//Romance is depending on if you're in a relationship, and if you feel comfortable.


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Alternate Characters
Xuykdt3.png Arnbjorn Olsen
r3YspuN.png Jinn Hattori
igdzGGM.png Audric von Schwarz
E0S9fHJ.png Arkonus
Current Location
Known Aliases
Short Biography
When Kiru was young he was born, and taken in by a family of royals. Kiru had an older brother by the name of Jinn. Jinn was the perfect child to his parents, and Kiru was just.. there. When Kiru was about five, and Jinn was eight, their family was attacked. Their parents were forced to give up a child. Jinn being the true child of the parents, they gave up Kiru. Moving on in the timeline Jinn was trained by his father in how to use the blade. During the years Jinn wanted to find Kiru again, he was scared.. not only was he scared that something had happened to Kiru, he was scared he wouldn't remember him. Jinn was trained and accepted by the Samruai, and ironically Kiru was taken in by the shinobi clans. Training for years, and years, Kiru had finally set out to look for his brother, as did Jinn. The two have yet to cross paths with eachother, both lacking the knowledge of what eachother had become.
Current Status
Title(s) / Rank
Assets / Property / Bits
Bo Staff: Kiru has a bo staff that he uses for extra height when jumping, or if he needs to trip people.

Wrist blade: Kiru has a wrist blade he uses on his arm for when someone disarms his actual bo staff.

Black Scarf: He has a long black scarf he uses for camouflaging in the shadows.

Arm wraps: Kiru uses arm wraps to keep his 'finger' prints from getting on things.
Skin / Coat Color
Eye Color
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
Dunno yet
Detailed Description
Kiru Kikuchi: Kiru is a man that is slightly shorter than the average male. He has long brown hair that's tied into a ponytail, he has green eyes, and a scar both across his nose and eyebrow. His body type is lean, like his brothers, but he most definitely is stronger than he looks.

Arnbjorn: Fairly large man, he's build extremely well, he has low definition but still has a lot of muscle. He has long hair either braided, or in a ponytail, the sides of his head are shaved. His torso consists of multiple scars, also has two scars over his left eye, and small one below it, and has quite the large amount of body hair. Usually has black make up around his eyes showing he's a warrior. His eyes are light blue. He usually only wears a little bit of fur covering his groin area, wears leather laced sandals and will wear a fur cloak around his torso.

Jinn Hattori: Jinn is slightly taller than the average man. He is fairly lean along with having what looks like a metal arm that he uses just like a normal arm. It can block most physical projectiles and is stronger than the normal pony/human arm. He wears what cloth around his body known as a suikan. He has bright pink eyes and a pale yellow coat for his body. His mane is dark brown that's put into a high top ponytail, he has slightly. He carries around two blades. A katana on his side, and a wakiazshi that appears as a bamboo bottle if only glanced at.

Audric von Schwarz:When in human he wears white cloth shirt, black leather pants, black leather boots, and black leather gloves. He's fairly hairy, his chest, arms, and stomach. But lacks hair on his thighs and back. Last of all, his human version has a very detailed tattoo on his left peck and shoulder of a shoulder pad and half a chest plate engraved with a family crest.

Arkonus:Arkonus is a fairly tall, lean man. He has bright blue eyes that has a Y shaped scar following below. His medium length hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail. He has a stubble beard and often can find more hair in certain places of his face. Arkonus wears a black cloak, with a pale red bandanna.
Known Spells
Teleport: Kiru uses a short and quick range teleporting spell when fighting people, or things.

Clone: Kiru makes up to two shadow clones which fight and do as he thinks, or wills.

Levitation: He can levitate objects or weapons when he wills.
Detailed Personality
Kiru Kikuchi: Kiru is a man that likes to keep to himself. He was brought up to not trust anyone, especially males. Kiru is respectful and will come as close as, 'friends' with most people. But it's hard to get romantically involved with him. Kiru hopes he can find a woman to fall in love with and perhaps even a family. But he finds it hard to trust anyone.

Arnbjorn: Arnbjorn is a fairly nice guy, he won't just be an asshole out of nowhere. He'll act friendly but it takes awhile before he'll start to trust you. He had very few people he trusts, and probably won't have a lot at any time. When Arnbjorn grows to like you he'll be touchy, he hugs a lot and tends to get personal with people. He'll tell you his story if it comes up, but if you don't want to know he'll respect that and not. He loves to sleep, he'll usually sleep in most the time unless someone wakes him up.

Jinn Hattori: Jinn is a fairly relaxed man. He doesn't often try to start things with others. He's a peaceful man who only looks to do the right thing. He'll get involved with situations that look like it'll break into physical conflict, but only to try and stop it. He doesn't often force himself to flirt or get involved with women he finds attractive, or nice in general. He'll play along with those who flirt with him, once it gets too far he'll either stop, or continue depending if he can trust the specific other with what they would get into. Overall, Jinn is a nice guy, looking to have fun.

Audric von Schwarz: Audric is a hard man. He doesn't smile much but he will give a good conversation. It's easy to gain his trust but if broken, almost impossible to get it back. He drinks a fair bit but doesn't often doesn't get drunk, at most buzzed. He won't make much of an effort to start a conversation with someone, but he'll for sure keep one going when something peeks his interest. When someone takes interest in his beard it often causes him to bring his attention to them, not a lot of people like beards it seems, so it happens rarely.

Arkonus: Arkonus tries to be more of a ladies man. It's not often a bounty hunter is the son of a king. In his time off he goes about, either trying to charm, or charming mares, just for his own pleasure. He loves the feeling of being liked and is often a huge flirt when it comes to being friends. Arkonus is fairly calm when it comes to most situations, he's quick witted when he wants to be and uses his intelligence to get around things. 'Things' meaning people, monsters, traps, etc. Umbra will often get close with a female, but it's not often he'll want to be in a relationship, due to past events.
Notable Talent / Skills
Kiru has two things he's better at than most. He can work with poisons and other deadly toxins. He uses them for specific contracts, and for people he needs to make seem like they died by an accident.
His other skill is movement, Kiru is extremely good with moving. He can climb objects and things, run at a high speed, and do many other things which include speed and accuracy.
Detailed History