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Sunshine Prose

Sunshine Prose

Lives in her apartment in, Trottingham Equestria · 26 years old
Misc. RP Information

I shouldn't have to say this either, but if our characters are in a relationship, WE AS ADMINS ARE NOT. I have a girlfriend irl. And for any of you totally not wondering at all this admin is a female.

1.)I ONLY roleplay narrative 3rd person. I enjoy any type of roleplay. NSFW is okay. Anthro and human RPs are also a-okay! And just to throw it out there, Sunshine is interested in both sexes.

2.) When sending a starter, please send AT LEAST 2 paragraphs worth of information. Please for the love of Celestia, please form a situation where our two characters will meet. Make it interesting!

3.) You typically won't find Sunshine outside Trottingham, so try to include this area as the setting if possible.

4.) I am kind of okay with OOC chatting, but least TRY to make a conversation! I love silly talk, so don't be shy to get weird!

6.) I WILL NOT add people of whom have crappy OCs. aka, alicorns, mary/gary sues, ponymaker avatars, characters with blinding color schemes, or those damned DJs. Sunshine would have absolutely nothing to do with them.

7.) I tend to drop RPs a lot. BUT! If the RP is of good quality, don't worry about it!

8.) I shouldn't even have to say this, but good grammar and punctuation is a must! Minor errors are totally a-okay, but please do the best you can!

9.) Do not ask me what sort of a roleplay I want to do or if I want to roleplay. Just throw me a starter and I'll play along.

10.) Have fun!!!! (づ。◕w◕)づ

11.) If you have read all that, please send the code, "smol beans are smol" via friend request or PM/IM. If your fail to do so, I will deny your friend request. And if I add you, I'll expect you to still read these rules and add the code!
Known Aliases
Short Biography
Sunshine was raised by two fathers in Trottingham, Equestria. They lived in a lovely apartment that included everything they'd ever need. Her family is quite wealthy, but she is not a fan of inappropriately spending money, or as the kids these days say, "for the hell of it".
Canon Equestria
Preferred RP Style
Preferred RP Medium (Where you RP the most)
Private Messages
Common Locations your Character will be.
in cafes, book stores, mostly at home
Title(s) / Rank
Skin / Coat Color
light pink
Eye Color
Detailed Description
Perhaps check out my photos?
books, big libraries, coffee, fireplaces, knowledgeable ponies
obnoxious ponies, sunlight, leaving her house,
Long term goal(s)
to write a book series known and read all over equestria
Known Spells
Anything necessary, knows the basics.
Detailed Personality
Sunshine is one with a hungry heart, and a heavy head. Struggling with the stress of writing her novels, she experiences a fair share of panic/anxiety attacks. But neither of those stop her from writing. Seriously though, she could missing half her body and that wouldn't stop her from it. Her "dedication", I guess you could call it, is something that tends to drive many ponies away. She never lets that bug her though, as she has many other things she'd rather have in her head. Pretty mentally unstable if you ask me.

But besides all that, she's truly one of the most genuine ponies you'll ever meet. Filled with loyalty, trust, and a big heart, she'll make anyone feel at home, regardless of the current situation. She finds this quite useful for the rare times upon which she chooses to interview certain ponies for inspiration for an upcoming book.
Notable Talent / Skills
A great listener, fast learner, and can usually read the inner emotions of ponies quite well. Not a very good artist, but can occassionally create something that she's proud of. As stated by many residences (mostly fillies) of Trottingham, she is an extraordinary storyteller.
Detailed History