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PonySquare - The Pony Roleplaying Site! helps you connect and share with the people in your life.

PonySquare Rules

General Statements and Constitution

PonySquare is aimed at a general audience and as such all content should be kept appropriate with that in consideration. Sexual, overly violent, exclusively adult or otherwise inappropriate content is not allowed. It is also a roleplaying site and so all content that is not roleplaying, about roleplaying or about the site should not be on this website. Users are to use our sister site, BronySquare, for non-roleplaying content. Specifics are listed below, however the staff reserves the right to interpret the rules as a group and may delete and/or punish content that is not appropriate for both this website and it's users, even if it’s not in direct violation to any rules listed below.

Any questions or complaints should be directed at our PR staff or sent via the contact us page.

This is a roleplaying site. Use BronySquare for non-RP content.


  • Be a character that you could see within the show.
  • Make an effort to keep Ponysquare an enjoyable and welcoming site, be respectful, or at least tolerate of other users. Don't stir up trouble just for the sake of doing so. Refrain from posting offensive, excessively vulgar, or slanderous content.
  • PonySquare is a site for all ages, genders and race. Keep exclusively adult/NSFW content away from the site.
  • If you have any doubts whatsoever what this information and rulings mean, you take a few minutes to read the rest of the rules.

Not Safe For Work (NSFW)

  • No Content may contain sexual acts including, but not limited, to Sex; Underage Sex; Slavery; Impending, Implied, or Visual Rape; Heat; Pregnancy Fetish;Diaper Fetish; Breeding; Bondage; Excessive Salivation; Usage of Sexual Toys; Naked Humanized Ponies or Humans; Wing Play or Horn Play.
  • No Content may contain violent acts such as excessive amounts of gore, vore, torture, abuse, mutilation, self-inflicted mutilation or suicide.
  • No images may contain some sort of visual pose or depiction of anything that provokes a sexual response from the viewers. This includes any sort of pose that may be considered sexual or specific shots that outlines specific features of an equine such as ‘plot’.
  • Images may not contain visible reproductive organs or female breasts. This includes breasts upon the underside of ponies.
  • Images may not contain visible internal organs.
    • Some blood is permitted providing that it comes from accidents or minor battle wounds.
  • Images, posts, and characters referencing illicit substances such as drugs are not permitted. This includes illegal drugs, abusing prescription medications, or any other illegal substance abuse.
  • The tag "NSFW" (Not Safe for Work) or any other derivations of it are not allowed as they carry sexual, violent and otherwise disallowed implications and history. This means that you may not upload content that would break the rules and use the excuse that it was tagged "NSFW". No content on this site may be NSFW and tagging content as such does not exempt any content from any of the rules.
  • This global rule on NSFW content includes chatrooms and chatroom titles, even if they are private or locked we will not allow them on this website.
  • All Groups or pages must be kept appropriate to the site or they will be removed. This includes encouraging inappropriate RP.

Intellectual property and Fair Use

No content is allowed which may infringe on intellectual property rights or whose source(s) explicitly prohibit distribution on other sites.

Before uploading content that is not yours (including recolors) you must:

  • Confirm that the original artist or copyright holder allows distribution and/or modification of the content.
  • Provide proof of the permission or allowance of distribution/modification (If required by the artist). This can be done either by linking to a place where the artist makes their general stance explicit or by providing a screenshot where the artist gives you explicit permission.
  • When uploading, include any credits/links required by the artist or copyright holder in the image information section.

Content posted without following these rules is subject to removal.

When dealing with stolen or infringing content do NOT harass, spam or otherwise attempt to "correct" the user suspected. Doing so will be treated as harassment according to our rules of conduct. Instead, follow the instructions given below to report the content, and allow our staff to handle the situation.

If you are the original artist or copyright holder:

  • Go to the site where you uploaded your content (DeviantArt, Tumblr, FurAffinity, etc.)
  • Send a message to our representative account with:
    • A link to the infringing content on PonySquare or BronySquare
    • A link to your original content
    • The action you would like taken on the infringing content
    • Optionally, include your "Artist Name" and an action you would like taken on any future infringing content reported.

If you are not the original artist or copyright holder, and the the owner is unable to report, or does not own an account on PonySquare:

  • Contact the original artist or copyright holder and confirm that they want the item to be reported and the action they want taken.
  • If the owner wants the content reported, include in the report:
    • A link to the original image, hosted by the owner/artist (dA, FurAffinity, etc...)
    • Proof that the owner wanted it reported or does not want their work distributed/modified
    • The action the owner wants taken on the content
  • Alternately, instead of reporting, have the owner contact us in the manner described above (be sure to give them links to the infringing content).

Reports which do not follow these instructions and provide all necessary information will be removed.

Our official representative accounts can be found at the following addresses:

Out Of Character (OOC)

  • All images uploaded should be kept to being Roleplaying or site related. This means that content like, but is not limited to; Birthday Games and other Image Games; Screenshots from Games and Photos from Real Life are not allowed. We have another site for general brony activities, BronySquare, so please use that for non-RP content.
  • All profile pictures are considered to be part of your character depiction and so it must abide by all the character rules. Profile pictures should depict your character. The staff reserves the right to delete any profile picture should they not depict a valid character or if the depiction is unclear or questionable.

All OOC Should follow these guidelines


  • Informing users of issues that'll effect your Roleplaying.
  • General Roleplay Socialization, asking for a Roleplay, talking about a Roleplay/s and General Roleplay Talks.
  • Pictures for Roleplaying, pictures of character, locations you will be at and other such pictures that you can use to create a Roleplay are fine.
  • Opinions, help, topics of interest to do with both the site and Roleplaying. Even if we don't want OOC it doesn't mean we do not want to hear your voice.


  • Birthday Games
  • Facebook style messages, chain messages.
  • Gaming posts, random information posts, posts that have nothing to do with your RP.
  • Images, Music, Games and other that are not to do with your Roleplaying but just your general daily lives.
  • Real Life pictures (Except when used in roleplay), admins pictures and life pictures.
  • And more, just keep your account to Roleplay content. That is all we ask for. Keeping your other information on your BronySquare account, which is what it was designed for.

General Behaviour

On the forums, the user who created a forum thread, also known as the original poster (usually shortened or abbreviated to OP), has limited privileges over the thread. Privileges include things such as deciding a setting that may be outside of the MLP universe, setting roleplay specific rules and prerequisites for joining the thread. Original posters may also have some responsibility over the thread’s direction.

Arguments and posts that consist mostly of trolling, provoking, swearing and harassment will be deleted and may result in disciplinary actions. This includes for Roleplay, should your character be IC or OOC if a user claims offence then you should have first made sure said user was okay with your RP style. Some aggression and swearing is allowed. We don’t all have to get along and having an opinion does not constitute punishment. For personal grudges we recommend you use the block feature, it is not the responsibility of the staff to make sure that everyone gets along perfectly.

It is frowned upon and advised against to partake in what is considered to be mini-modding, backseat modding or otherwise attempting to take rules into your own hands on PonySquare. This includes reprimanding, telling other users what to do, quoting specific rules, telling users what they did wrong, purposely derailing, asking to remove or delete infringing content or trying to invoke authority. Content that is violating any rules should be reported for the staff to deal with.

It is the responsibility of each member to check their private messages within reasonable time as well as making sure that such messages can be received properly, as certain private messages from staff members may require prompt answers. Members who ignore these messages, have a full inbox or otherwise overlook messages from the staff may be warned, locked or banned, depending on the situation.

Characters and Character Content submitted to PonySquare must abide by the following:

  • May not be OOC accounts, troll accounts, joke accounts or otherwise accounts that are not intended for roleplaying.
  • May not be a character that in its nature is detrimental to the theme and culture of Ponysquare.
  • May not be a character with NSFW origins and/or themes. Such as, but is not limited to; Molestia; Milky Way; Lusty Luna.
  • May not be a character that have been previously subjected to unwanted sexual behavior such as, but not limited to, Rape.
  • May not be a play on or have a background of racism, anti-semitism or similar offensive discrimination's based on race, origins, religion, sexual preferences or alike.
  • This includes Nazism, Slavery, Anti-Semitism and other offensive content.
  • May not be a play on or have a background of sexual themes such as, but is not limited to; BDSM, Horn or Wing Play, Pet Play or alike.
  • Characters and Character Content must be of a species viable in the My Little Pony universe and must be portrayed as its species is within the My Little Pony universe. It is fine to attach certain aspects or changes from video game, film, anime characters.
    • This means that “fursonas”, along with anthro (“humanized”/humanoid) animals and humans, are not permitted. Characters are expected to be reasonably thematic to the MLP universe.
  • The staff reserve the right to remove or wipe any character that is in violation of these rules as interpreted by the staff.

Naming Policy

  • Names should only be for your character.
  • Names may not be offensive based on race, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, political views, handicaps, past events or other subjects along those lines.
  • Names may only be alphanumeric which is only letters a-z and numbers 0-9. The only exceptions are " ' - _ and .
    • Accents in names are permitted. An example would be "López". These should be kept within reason, and not used excessively.
  • Names should be kept in moderation and only be used for identification. This means that "tags" such as "foal", "vampony", etc. are not permitted. These belong in your "about me" section. Anyone seen using these tags will have them removed.
  • There is an “about me” section for any information you wish to share.
  • When it comes to an original character where there is the possibility of duplicate names it does not entitle the right to steal or utilize any intellectual properties of other users whether they are PonySquare users or not.

Disciplinary System

If for any reason content that is found that may be deemed inappropriate to PonySquare can be submitted for review via the report option that appears on most pages. It is recommended to use the correct reporting form when reporting such as reporting a photo as a photo or a comment as a comment. Reports made fraudulently or are meant to stall staff may result in the user who submitted the report receive disciplinary action.

Users who disobey the rules will receive a warning or infraction based on what is deemed to be appropriate by the moderator. These warnings and infractions are issued via private messaging.

Warnings are meant to be an educational tool and do not pose any detrimental effects to a user’s standing.

Bans are issued either in the event that a user has ran out of their chances and show no sign of change after multiple warnings or infractions, or when their situation is severe enough to warrant a straight away ban. During the duration of the ban it is not permitted to create additional accounts. Any accounts created during that time will be deleted and their IP Address possibly blocked for the duration of the ban, their efforts to circumvent the ban can sometimes also have an effect on lengthening their original ban time.

Responding to the account that issues the warnings or infractions is an unmonitored account.

If for any reason a ban was made unfairly send an email to

Be sure to include any important information such as the user name, the action being committed and a reason why the account should be reinstated. These appeals will be reviewed by multiple moderators.