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Lives in Outskirts, Canterlot Equestria · Born on June 15, 2001
Misc. RP Information
Melancholy may be hard to interact with due to the fact that she is kinda reclusive and very poor.

Profile by Ziah Willows!

Background done by Violet

Melancholy is me as a horse, so she looks like me, acts like me ECT.

You can draw my OC in any form you want just please message me about it. I would like to know whom is drawing my OC's.

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If you want to actually RP and make it last, RP with me on discord. I loose RP's on here way too often. Just message me and ask though I do have the ability to say no if I don't want to RP with you UnU.

Human and Anthro RP's welcome

Melancholy is young, remeber that! She left home early due to her living situation and graduated school early. Check her birthday! That being said I will ship with your character as she is mature of her age but please just know whats up.

If you want to do a RP where Mel is older thats chill, not a lot of pones want to do RP with a younger pony. I understand. Just tell me up front!~

Add Me!~ I don't bite!

Starters~ If you ask please send the starter... That's my only rule on that...

Length~ I'm fine to have messages that are 1-3 paragraphs, but if you are someone that is more comfortable with 3-4 sentences, that's fine to! Just please note that I will try and match your length.

Romance~ With my character will take time, and if you read my stuff, you'll know why. As for ERP, I don't plan to do it often, unless we've had a good romance RP that has been going on for a while. Or I know you OOC.

Password~ No password but if you could write something in that would be great.

OOC~ Don't be afraid to talk OOC!

All RP's are cannon unless stated otherwise.

Theme (may change):

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Alternate Characters
Rosemary Thorn ~

Express - Bat-pone, mail mare, Male to Female trans, Pre-Op

Renbuki -

Light Weight -
Current Location
In her shop
Known Aliases
Mel, Melancholy
Short Biography
Melancholy grew up in a spit and extremely dysfunctional family. Her mother was abusive, a drug addict and an alcoholic. Her father did the best to take care of her but he was a push over and never really learned how to parent. Growing up poor and in not ideal conditions. She learned how to care for others. Sometimes to a fault.
Canon Equestria
Current Status
Working on stuff
Preferred RP Style
Preferred RP Medium (Where you RP the most)
Wall Posts
Common Locations your Character will be.
Her shop, Cafe's, In nature.
Title(s) / Rank
Assets / Property / Bits
She owns an old barn that she fixed up! She uses the old hay loft as an apartment and the main floor as a shop! She doesn't have much but she has just enough to get by.

The images below show the outside of her shop and home on top of her living space upstairs.

Skin / Coat Color
A off white but not quite tan. More of a creme color.
Eye Color
Dark brown
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
A heart with a bandage around it.
Detailed Description
She is a off white mare with a short wavy mane and long tail. She is shorter then the normal mare. She is also fluffy!~
Having people to talk to and meaningful conversations. Not to mention the outdoors and music.
Violent and cruel ponies.
Long term goal(s)
To find somepony to spend her time with.
Known Spells
Detailed Personality
I don't bite! Just talk to me and you'll see!~
Antique Shop Owner
Notable Talent / Skills
Comforting others... Eh.
Detailed History
As a filly, Mel endured many court dates, her parents fighting over custody, contempt of court and doing anything to shame the other. Her mother was horribly abusive and blamed Mel for ruining her life as she now had to care after another. Instead she would leave her outside while her mother had parties and did unmentionable things, taking her anger out on her child for years up until she was about 5 when her father got custody.

Her father did his best but he never really was a parent he was more so a friend and was a huge pushover. Having his girlfriends parent Mel as she grew up. Because of this Mel developed on her own for the most part. Feeling annoyed with most motherly figures in her life.

On top of all this a few other notable events where that she was heavily bullied for years and she also was molested by her babysitter in first grade. Something that has stuck with her for a while but mainly keeps to herself.

Mel's mother did end up having many other children over the years that Mel often feels personally responsible for as he mom fails to take care of them properly. Her mother had 5 other foals and her father had 1. Her father's girlfriend also had 3 other children from a previous marriage.

Due to all these events she can be reserved but cares deeply for those around her. She is quick to lash out on those who are rude and violent to her. She overall is a kind and loving person and is light hearted. She does her best to hide it when she feels bad because she has seen the pain it has inflicted on others.

In the end she wants to find somepony special to share her life with. Whoever that may be. A stallion, a mare or something in between! She just wants to find someone who truly makes her happy. Something that is hard to come by.