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Master Noko Turosi (Black Drag

Master Noko Turosi (Black Dragoon/The Ronin Leader...

Lives in Castle Naphtali (The Smoke Top), Smokey Mountain Equestria · Born on June 10, 1978
Misc. RP Information
First things first ladies and gentalecoats, I'm TurnUpKing, and as you might notice in my rps..Well..I TURN DA F--K UP1 Laugh ok, ok let me be serious now. I am an experienced role-player from Youtube and I got hired by TeamFutureRP to do The Black Dragoon/The Ronin Faction so please enjoy, I do any kinds of rps and i hope you have a blessed day.

RP Info: Trained by monks in the Smokey Mountains, born in 1435 AD Master サンセットKrismonノコTurosi

(Sunset Krismon Noko Turosi In English)

was raised by the highest of master-less Samurai that used to serve the old Shogunate of Equestria's Euro Lands in the old Empire of The Setting Sun, He was trained to kill and fought with honor under the Shogun "BlackBlade". When there empire feel under opposing factions of Western British Forces that invaded the lands in 1465. The empire collapsed and left him alone. He escaped death, but not the lonesomeness and depression that followed him until he was a stallion. He lived in the mountains for 34 years until just recently in present times, he was found by a pack of rouge Samurai known as the Black Dragoon or The Ronin took him in. He eventually earned after a few years the title of "Master" and now for 34 years plus the time he spent training he has prepared a force to either destroy or save Equestria from the "Faction Wars" to come. Now he leads a new Shogunate on a neutral status at this time, but anything could trigger a war for this master is wise, but old and arrogant in his ways of the past and letting things go is not in his category.
Earth Pony
Current Location
Setting Sun (An Japanese inspired base on the tip of Smokey Mountain)
Known Aliases
The Master, Master Noko, Wise One of The Smoke
Current Status
Meditating, also drinking some tea.
Preferred RP Style
Preferred RP Medium (Where you RP the most)
Wall Posts
Common Locations your Character will be.
Fountain Gardens of A Thousand Suns
Black Dragoon/The Ronin
Title(s) / Rank
Assets / Property / Bits
A large Japanese apprised base on top of Smokey Moutain
Skin / Coat Color
Eye Color
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
The symbol for war
Detailed Description
Strawhat and sometimes a war mikado.
Peace and Tranquility
Long term goal(s)
To see his empire prosper and to end the long fortold "faction wars"
Known Spells
(Mastered only one spell and that is to dispose of demons via a Spell Tag)
Detailed Personality
Arrogant at times but vary peaceful and kind heartened to every-pony. Full of wisdom and teachings of his ancestors.
Smokey Mountains
(Has schooling of the art of war )
Notable Talent / Skills
Can meditate on his Kizoku no ha/貴族の刃/Blade of Nobility