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Vinyl Scratch

Vinyl Scratch

Lives in  Canterlot Equestria · Born on January 9, 1994
Misc. RP Information
Information on RPing

Welcome one and all to the Blog of the fabulous Vinyl Scratch. Now this is still a W.I.P. but I can try my best to you know explain her and may Rules!

-Please don't Give me your Drama! Honestly just don't.

-Polotics? Sure just don't get Triggered Sugar-Tits!

-First of All I myself can't really do a paragraph (mainly because detail is lost and I just get uninterested) So Starters and other posts I get must have detail and be at least 4-8 sentences long.

-Romances, Uhg.... Now some people think that Romance is an okay for an ERP. No it's not ERP is a different type of Role Play altogether. A Romance contains kissing (mainly Light kisses) Cuddling, spooning and generally cute.

-ERPs now first of all YES I do this kind only in PM. Now these must have a good story and I mean good, either if you kidnap her or just get extremely drunk with her.

-Canon RPs will effect her, Non cannons won't that simple.

Remember! Still a WIP okay? I may improve this, or not!
Known Aliases
Vinny, DJ-P0n3, Von Scratch, Lutwig
Short Biography
Character Information

Vinyl 'Von Lutwig' Scratch was born of a aristocratic family in Trottingham and she was a odd child. Usually being quiet all of her fillyhood many thought she was mute but honestly she has little to say... She was made fun of as a filly due to well her unique glasses. She got them from her mother who passed away when she was very young, she uses it to keep the sun out of her eyes and to "Block the Haters". Now She mainly just plays her guitar around Trottingham and occasionally wanders city to city.

As of now Vinyl is Unemployed and gets some Bits for playing at a few shindigs here and there.

(Also she dose not know Octavia or any other pony she calls friends since this is my Head Cannon!)
Skin / Coat Color
Eye Color
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
Detailed Description
Music, Singing/Humming, Magic
Known Spells
Only Telekinesis