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Cinder Pheonix

Cinder Pheonix

Lives in Haywaii, Other Equestria · Born on May 30, 1998· Cinder Pheonix is in a relationship with Nixie and VioletEcho
Misc. RP Information
Less like rules, and more like... guidelines. I'm a pretty easy-going guy, so long as you return the favor. Onward!

1. Prefer narrative RPs, but willing to experiment.

2. Nobody seems to like starters, but I'm 100% cool with it. Your place, or mine?

3. NSFW is fine, but I probably won't initiate.

4. Got a canon OC? Great! Custom species or crossover? Better! Red and black edgelord? Sure, just don't cut yourself on my rug. Family heirloom, y'see.

5. Just hook me up with that new message sweetness and we'll get down to business. The newer the better as far as I'm concerned.

6. Side note, please don't send me the entire Bee Movie script. It's only funny once.
Alternate Characters
Current Location
Known Aliases
Short Biography
Cinder used to be a human named Flint from a town called Grayson. He was talented at a very special kind of magic, fire-whispering. Flint was forced to make his home in the unforgiving urban landscape of Grayson, ruled by tyrants and plagued by crime. He longed to escape to somewhere else. At last, after years of surviving this harsh environment, a pony was teleported to his neck of the woods. Despite having never seen one before, Flint took a leap of faith and trusted her to help him get out of Grayson, in exchange for using his knowledge of the world's magic power to get her back to Equestria. After a harrowing journey fraught with danger and intrigue, Flint and his companion finally managed to open a portal back to Equestria. However, Flint was gravely wounded after his long struggle. In an inspiring show of kindness and resourcefulness, the pony brought him through the portal and had him transformed into a pony.

Flint the human was no more, but rising from the ashes came a storm-grey unicorn. Adopting the new name "Cinder Pheonix, " in recognition of his rebirth, he embraces this new world of Friendship with open arms. Cinder retains some power over the element of fire, but is still getting used to using his magic and his body in general. Forever indebted to the pony that rescued him, Cinder roams the world in search of new purpose as a force for good, rather than evil as he was forced to do as a human.
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Title(s) / Rank
Assets / Property / Bits
Only the hair on his back, and the spirit of adventure in his heart.
Skin / Coat Color
Ashen Grey
Eye Color
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
Smoking Heart w/ water drops
Detailed Description
The charcoal black hooves and grey coat are contrasted by the fiery colors of his mane and hair. The only part of his humanity he retains in his sky-blue eyes, from his mother's side. His cutie mark commemorates his transformation, the rain referencing the water pony who saved him from himself.
Fire, beaches, pumpkin pie
Forests, monsters, surprises
Long term goal(s)
Repay his debt of gratitude, and find a place for himself in this new world
Known Spells
Various low-level fire magic, can set alight most flammable objects and fire weak projectiles from his horn.
Detailed Personality
Cinder, despite his talents with flames, actually has a very level head and calculating personality. Very practical by nature, he struggles to maintain positivity when faced with long odds. However, he is prepared to go to the ends of the Earth for those he loves, and has done so before. Though Cinder loves to travel and wander, he secretly wishes to find a permanent place to settle down, find peace. Cinder prides himself on unconditional fairness and honesty, and despises the arrogant or untrustworthy. He enjoys long walks on the beach, but you can leave your pina coladas at home.
Raised in a harsh urban world, Cinder has unmatched street smarts. He learns fast, acts faster, but can struggle with abstract concepts and higher education. People have always been Cinder's greatest challenge, so he might be slow on the uptake when they aren't as direct as he is.
Notable Talent / Skills
Moderate control over fire, quick planning, and is rumored to be excellent in bed.
Detailed History
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