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Lives in Unknown, Other Equestria · Born on March 12, 1995
Misc. RP Information
***I use die rolls on my end, so I have the potential to have a REALLY bad day. If I roll something as low as 1 in combat, I will usually make one of my limbs go wonky and start attacking me.***

"Alright! My rule is law!" Arm dysfunctions and tries to choke him.

-No god mods, those are really not that fun to deal with.
-Please don't auto hit, or auto dodge everything, it's annoying. I won't do it, and you can do the same.
-Be respectful, your character can be a bit of a ass, but OOC please keep it respectful.
-If I, or your character are in a relationship, all romance roleplays will be non canon, if you want a canon roleplay, we can be friends.
-If your first language isn't English, please tell me.
-Preferred roleplay is Action/Romance. I'm willing to do anything but that's my most preferred.
-Have good enough grammar I can tell what you're saying.
-Don't add me just for another person on your list. Send a message to me when you add me, so I know this, could be as simple as a hello.
-Don't control my character, it really doesn't make it fun.
-If my starter isn't good enough, don't not reply, simply ask me to remake it.
-If you don't like how I write starters, please write one yourself and I shall be fine with it.
-If your character is an ass, please don't make them rude to the point I don't want to roleplay with you.
-If you're not enjoying a roleplay, tell me and we will stop or start new.
-We discus a roleplay before we start.
-Please, please, please. If we're roleplaying at least make the effort to have 3 sentences or more, so we can stay interested.
-Three days without responding to a starter, unless you tell me you're not going to be on often, will be noted as you don't want to roleplay.
-Don't send a roleplay as a message, I very much dislike that.
-One week after no responses, person will be deleted, unless they make it known they won't be on often.
-I won't respond super quick all the time, I have a like outside of ponysquare, respect that please.
-We are not dating, if our OC's are dating. Cass and I are two different people, I would love to have a friendship though!
-Everything is non canon unless we both agree upon cannon.
-I prefer a human, or some kind of humanoid when roleplaying.
-I'll respect your rules, if you respect mine, thank you for reading.
-If you read my rules, send me my second alias, and the word walnut.
-If you read my ENTIRE profile page send me what you think the coolest Assets / Property / Bits item in my profile is.
Known Aliases
Cass, Cai, Cassius, Alex, Caine
Short Biography
Caine used to be an intel gatherer, he used to do jobs that included shutting down mobs, or various types of gangs. He would always get a new look everytime doing this so his real identity wasn't revealed. At one point Caine slipped up. Not only did he mess up his job, he got punished for it, a hard punishment. The mob he was trying to shut down would torture him for days. Eventually they destroyed nearly every bone in his body, they didn't break it, they turned it to practical dust. They set him on fire for their last bit and sent him though a window, he had 3rd degree burns on his body until a man found him. A man people considered crazy but Caine considers him his best friend. He fixed up Caine, he turned him into a cyborg. After years of looking like a robot Caine got a suit to cover it up. His friend finally made an attachment that would make it look like he was human. He still has small lines on his body from where all cybernetic parts of him ends and starts.
Current Status
Title(s) / Rank
Intel Gatherer
Assets / Property / Bits
-2 Wakizashi blades (Back)
-Arm Crossbow (Forearm)(Tranqilizer)
-Smoke pellets (Bottom Wrist)
-Small claws (Feet/Hands) (climbing)
-Net shooter (Top Wrist)
-Retractable staff (back)
-Extreme taser (Hands)
-Zoom (Helmet)(includes sound)
Skin / Coat Color
Eye Color
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
Detailed Description
-Average height
-Lean body
-Partial cybernetic jaw
-Cybernetic right arm, and right peck
-Cybernetic left arm
-Cybernetic right leg
-Cybernetic left leg and thigh
-Medium length brown hair
-5 o'clock shadow
-Skin disguise (Makes him look, pony/human/anthro out of suit.
Known Spells
Disappearing act: Caine will turn invisible for a short amount of time.

Camouflage: His suit allows him to take the color and pattern of a surface he is on.

Deflection: Can deflect most projectiles with his blade.

Enhanced Strength: Stronger than the average pony/man

Enhanced Speed: Faster than the average pony/man
Detailed Personality
Caine is a fairly fun guy when he's not out looking for intel for friends, and workers. He likes to hang out with people and really enjoys hugs. He's fairly quiet at first but when you break his shell he'll start talking a lot more. Caine won't often engage with males, he finds them uncomfortable for the most part, if you approach him with ease, and try to be extremely friendly he'll probably start talking to you. When he's out on work he won't care if you're male or female, everyone is a job, he gathers intel on people and reports back to get his pay depending on how good it is.
Notable Talent / Skills
-Has incredible dodging capabilities.
-Can deflect most projectiles with the speed of his cybernetic limbs.
-Has basic training with the sword.
-Basic training with bow/crossbow
-Extremely good with sneaking
Detailed History