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Crimson Melody

Lives in canterlot, Canterlot Equestria · Born on September 14, 1900
Misc. RP Information
she sometimes does seem a little shy, but deep inside she wants to make new friends, her fear for others discovering her secret, makes her seem a little cold and distant, she tries her best to hide her wings with her favorite Crimson silk cloak.

her favorite drink is blood type O, she always caries her own bottle with her, she does use her magic to cover the scent and change to color to that of a normal red wine.

sometimes she sings a soft tune, something her ''father'' has always sung to her from the day he found her,she often plays this on her violin when she is alone, or works in a restaurant to earn extra bits, she only works so others dont suspect anything strange cause of her amount of bits.
Current Location
Known Aliases
Short Biography
moved from Manehattan to Canterlot,wanting a change of scenery and culture, she was raised by her ''father'' Crimson Eclipse,after he had found her as a little filly, at the age of 20, he decided she had the right age to make her change,he guided her with each step and has always been her one and only father in her eyes.

her first name was Sweet Melody, but after her change he gave her the name Crimson Melody,After her change, her golden blond mane and tail changed to Red, just like her Saphire blue eyes,her transformation was something she had to get used to,even while many winters have passed, it is sometimes still a bit hard to adjust herself to her current life.

While she has both wings and horn, she does not posses any god like or princess like talents or powers, her behaviour can sometimes seem weird to everypony, but she stays gracefull and polite even in moments of anger.
Current Status
Preferred RP Style
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Common Locations your Character will be.
Canterlot,Ponyville and sometimes Manehattan
Title(s) / Rank
music lover
Assets / Property / Bits
over the years she has saved a lot of bits,not extremely insane rich, but money to spend when needed and wanted, she owns a red Violin, a gift from her ''father'' when she turned 18, she has followed all the classes she knew, and always is in to learn more,her house is decorated in Victorian style,ever since she was just a filly she loved the gracefull touches it held.
Skin / Coat Color
Eye Color
crimson red
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
crimson rose vines, and a violin
Detailed Description
her voice is soft and she shall never raise it, unless in a state of rage, her cloak is kept around her neck with a black heart shaped brooche,even if she cares about anything, it is hard for her to show it, her heart just doesnt feel such warmth anymore, as over the years she has lost several lovers, to either time or her ''father'' his rage when they were caught with another mare.
maybe someday somepony manages to break the ice and makes her feel loved again in a way only a soulmate can.
the night sky, roses, music, wine (blood type O ),her ''father'', making friends.
those who think they are everything a mare desires
Long term goal(s)
find love someday, one who accepts her darkness aswell
Known Spells
all the spells a normal unicorn should know, she uses it with grace.
Detailed Personality
she seems shy and distant, but never judge a book by its cover, she is a sweet and carring mare if it is needed.

she loves a good conversation, but dont ask too much personal questions, she might either walk away or find another subject slightly irritated.
changes a lot
born in Manehattan, now in Canterlot
many violin classes,ancient history and current events in the world,has several finished educations.
Notable Talent / Skills
playing the violin
Detailed History
she rather not talks about that