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Lives in Ferp, Frozen North Equestria · Born on January 24, 1995
Misc. RP Information
Basic rules going here~

Also, I use die rolls for roleplays!~ So watch out for silly, or fun things that can happen.

-God Mod: Please don't do this, it hurts us all. Pathetic
-Relationship: If our characters are in a relationship, OOC we are not, but I'd like to have a good friendship with you.
-ERP: ERP is a yes, don't just expect it though, we have to work up a relationship long and hard before we do so.
-Adding: Add me and I expect a message with the add, a simple "Hello" will do just fine.
-Grammar: I'm sorry to sound like an ass, but grammar is a must, or at least try your best.
-Replies: Alright, replies I would like to see at the minimum 3 sentences, it's not that hard, please put effort in, and as will I.
-Starters: If you add me, you start, if I add you, I start. Unless we talk it through.
-Starters 2: I would like starters to at least be one paragraph long, it makes it much easier than getting one or two sentences.
-(Non-)Canon: Everything will be non canon unless both admins say otherwise.
-Romance 2: Okay, no OOC romance, I'd rather not have Arkonus with more than one mare.
-Control: Please, do not control my character, I can't stress this enough..
-Starters 3: If I send a starter to you, and a response isn't heard in 7 days I will assume that you don't want to roleplay, and remove you in the process, unless stated you will take a long time.

************-ADDING PEOPLE: You must read my rules, and send me the words "SILVER LINING"************

Roleplay list:
1: Open ()
2: Open ()
3: Open ()
4: Open ()

YAY: Discussing roleplay.
Active: One day responses.
Slow: Two day responses.
Paused: Four day responses.
???: Where are you?
Known Aliases
Ark, Kon, Arkonus
Common Locations your Character will be.
Frozen north villages, traveling.
Assets / Property / Bits
Small cottage in the Frozen North
800 bits
Show sword displayed
Various types of clothes
Detailed Description
Arkonus is a fairly tall stallion, he has a average frame, along with waist length silver hair. His coat color is light brown, he has the color green for his eyes, yet one is clouded white because of a silly accident that happened years back. Thy wings are fairly big, bigger than the average Pegasus's wings.
There is a scar going down my eye and slightly turned to a side, showing where I was hit to cause my blindness.
Long term goal(s)
Have a familly, settle down.
Detailed Personality
Arkonus is a fairly reasonable guy. He has a big heart and he loves to be around people. Arkonus doesn't harshly judge those he hasn't met and gotten to know. He's a respectable fellow, get to know him and you might like him. He's clumsy at points and will do stuff that's risky for unknown reasons. But overall he's loyal, and will do anything to make the one he loves happy. It's safe to say he gets over protective for the ones he loves, managing to do almost anything to keep them safe, and so help the one that hurts them, he'll never forgive you.
Detailed History