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Leviathan Love

Despite some unknown lore, A popular fan Theory/Headcanon is that the Changelings are actually split into 5 Differant Clans, each clan having differant Traits, habitats, and levels of Violence. I wa...
Topics: Changeling Lore
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//Inspired by Season 7 Episode 10. Spoilers below:Day Breaker, Celestias evil half, an image formed in a dream, but born long ago. Just as Luna has Nightmare Moon, Celestia has Day Breaker. When Celes...

It was the lobby of another adoption agencie. Thats right. Another one. For Amžinas it was thr 3rd transfer. First there was an agency. Then fostercare. Then back into the system. An agency. Now this ...
Death II

Support Class(If anyone wishes to draw this character as a horse please tell me as I was planning on making her and 'Terror' their own accounts. However, I don't have a drawn version of these characte...
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Puppet and Crew

There was a strange thing about this. Equestria that i couldn't put my finger on. Maybe it was because almost every one hated me. Maybe it was because that it was filled with ponies more then humans. ...
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