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Golden Melody

Lives in  Ponyville Equestria ·
Misc. RP Information
// alrighty! Please read my stuff to figure everything before role playing with me if yah mind!


Right know here are my RPs ( this will be updated a lot because I role play with a lot of people sometime
-Blue Flare (At top ^_^)
-Kitty The Pirate Cat (I think at least.."
-Radio Raider (IM)

If you do wanna rp, please please Pm me, I'll do IM when I'm in a chatroom. Ok?Ok, thanks you!

1. Ok, so I need to lay this out now.... No ERP , just no... Plz not cool
2. If you do a romance Rp with ANY of my
ocs, it must be non-canon. Golden is my main concern, being already engaged at the moment.
3. If I do ask for a rp, I have a very blank mind at times so, good luck. I get really... Really bored/boring...
4. Um, grammar, it's alright if you mess up, I do it all the time being on mobile, so yah get used to it..
5. I really don't know what else but uh, if you are adding me, plz just atleast message me..

Relation ship status^
Golden: Engaged to her lovely fiancé Blue Flare <3
Cloudy Forest: Single, venturing around ponyville to find a relationship
Paint Splatter: Single little Pringle and is now gonna try to mingle :p
Twinkle Shine: Unintristed


Name: Cloudy Forest
Age/Date of Birth: 25, September 2nd, 1993
Gender/Species: Female: Doe
Relationship Status: Looking for a stallion or buck to love her
Appearance: Look at the cover pick
Short Bio: Her parents lived alone in the white failed woods. They eventually had a fawn named
Cloudy Forest. She met her grandmother and other various family members.
She was eventually sent off to live on her own as she traveled and stumbled upon the Everfree Forest. She currently lives there alone, searching for love to not be alone any more.

Name: Paint Splatter
Age/ Date of Birth: 18, May 27th, 1998
Gender/Species: Female: Unicorn
Relationship status: A single Pringle, not wanting anything to do with love (for now)
Appearance: She is a white unicorn with black spots. She has a short, lavender purple mane and tail, with dull blue eyes. Currently a blank flank ;-;
Short Bio: A Unicorn and Earth Pony met and
Eventually had Paint Splatter. Paint was always pushed around and bullied. She didn't

Name: Twinkle Shine
Age: 14
Race: Pegasus
House: Ravenclaw
Student: Attending Hogwarts
Year: 4th
Wand: 71/2 dark oak wood with a unicorn hair
Physical description: Purlple wings, ears, and muzzle. She has a stone grey coat. She has yellow eyes. Her cutie mark is 3 purple stars behind her wand
Personality: She is very shy but once you get to know her she is really sweet, and loves cramming her time into books
Blood type: Half-blood
Patronous: Deer
Any pets?: She has a black and white cat as well as a snowy owl
Broom: Nimbus 2000
Reputation: She is known for being the "Hidden deer" for hiding in her dormitory reading
Backstory: Her parents met in a coffee shop, her mother being a shy muggle and my father being an adventures wizard. They started dating and got married 7 years later. About 2 years later they had twinkle shine. Twinkle was very shy growing up and always read books in her room.
When twinkle was 11, she got a strange letter that she read, she was confused when her father explained to her what it was. She wasn't so excited. After everything when she arrived, she met Hagrid and was sorted into Raven claw.
View Lesscare and didn't tell any teachers, parents, or her closets and only friends. Living in Boston wasn't all she thought as a filly. She moved out to canterlot and got the same results in her filly hood. She moved in Ponyville where
She met Golden Melody, and is currently sleeping on her couch.
Current Location
Hanging out with Flare or friends
Known Aliases
Goldie, mellow, Mel
Short Biography
I was born in 1999 at age 5 my dad died but age 6 My mom remarried but the stallion left my mother. my mother wasn't always the same as any other mother she defiantly didn't want me meeting ponys. but I lived life till My mother moved away to canterlot at age 11 so I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle it he crystal empire sence age 15 they tought me how to skateboard a little but I gave up till I moved here to ponyville. I don't really do tricks on my skate board and just board around, I try to visit my cousin atleast once or twice a year, and I don't really visit my mother a lot with her living in canterlot.
Current Status
Drinking coffee..?
Preferred RP Style
Narrative, 3rd Person
Preferred RP Medium (Where you RP the most)
Chatrooms, Private Messages
Common Locations your Character will be.
Crystal empire visiting her grandmother and canterlot visiting her mom and ponyville
Title(s) / Rank
Uhh.. Nothing I know of..
Assets / Property / Bits
Just my house a few houses down from twilight

Enough bits...

She right now has purchased a dagger that fits in her saddle bag for emergencys

What are assets?!?
Skin / Coat Color
Darkish blue
Eye Color
Bright green
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
Melody notes
Detailed Description
Messy spikeyish blonde hair, her cutie mark is a black melody note with a smaller dark purple note and a light purple one inside the dark note ( lol it's so complicated, look at meh profile!)

~Thanks to my cuz, my oc looks amazing! ^_^ ~
comics gaming skateboarding and traveling
The everfree forest
Long term goal(s)
Maybe get married and have a small family
Known Spells
Bubbles, teleportation, levitation
Detailed Personality
Well... You figure it out when yah rp with her...
Her mother tought her until she moved away, then she was taught by her Aunt and uncle.
Notable Talent / Skills
Really she only does some magic