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Lives in Blue's House, Cloudsdale Equestria · Born on July 15, 1997
Misc. RP Information
I can be found sitting in the Everfree on a log or tree stump eating with woodland creatures or just in the streets of Ponyville or Cloudsdale.
~~~~~~Rules for RP~~~~~~
Ok just a few things \^.^/:
~I ONLY rp on walls & PM...I don't mind OOC in IM though Happy
~I don't do ERPs. Never. (I only do small kisses with SSPs.)
~It annoys me when you sometimes just say "Hi", but if you truly cannot think of anything else, it's okay, just try to take our RPs as seriously as possible. Smile
~I love to plan RPs, so if you would like to plan it out, that's perfectly fine;However if that's not your "thing" and you just wanna "wing it", that's perfectly fine as well.Tongue
~Skyler is straight, and straight only.
~I only control my pony, thank you.
~If you send the request for an RP, you MUST start.
~~~~~~~~~~~~Rules for Friend Request~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~Please, if you add me, RP with me. I want friends who actually want to talk and RP with me.
~I NEED to know you read my rules.
Please, just because I have small, not super hard to follow, rules, don't think I'm rude Smile I would L-O-V-E to talk to you in OOC & in RP. Happy
Current Location
In a new town...Cloudsdale...
Known Aliases
Skye, Sky
Short Biography
I often hang out w/ my BPFF Blue. I love flying, I hope to be in the Wonderbolts someday, and a close companion of RD's and the CMCs. I hope to find a loving family that holds me close through thick and thin. Also, once I learn to fly, I plan on never touching the ground again (metaphorically speaking, as in I hope to adventure and lead others into adventures as well.)
Canon Equestria
Current Status
Filly/ Blank Flank
Preferred RP Style
Preferred RP Medium (Where you RP the most)
Wall Posts
Common Locations your Character will be.
w/ blue, Cloudsdale, Ponyville, Canterlot, etc.
None, I'm only a filly.
Title(s) / Rank
Filly/ Blank Flank
Assets / Property / Bits
Assets: A saddle bag, the first 3 Daring Do books, and a stupid hoof cast.

Property: None. Except, my old house, which I never use anymore.

Bits: Just a small bag of 'em and a few in a small pocket of my saddle bag.
Skin / Coat Color
Cyan Blue
Eye Color
Light Blue (somewhat like my coat)
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
none Unhappy
Detailed Description
Skyler is a Pegasus, who's wings look like an Alicorn's wings when opened. She is Cyan blue with eyes ABOUT the same color and light brown tail and mane (occasionally dyed with bright pink, blue, green, or purple highlights...she's creative Tongue) She has a certain sparkle in her eye when she gets an idea, and has eyelashes very similar to Pinkie Pie's. She only wears make-up on SPECIAL occasions (like to a dance or party). Skye likes to keep her hooves neat and tidy, but doesn't care to get a little dirty. Tongue Her mane is styled like Rainbow Dash's and is always a bit messy.
Wonderbolts, Rainbow Dash, Blue (the pony), making friends, adventuring, reading Daring Do, learning, etc.
Bullies, Bad Ponies, my blank flank, not being able to fly, etc.
Long term goal(s)
To get my cutie mark, go to Wonderbolt's Academy, become a CMC, etc.
Known Spells
I...I'm a Pegasus...
Detailed Personality
Ok. Phew HERE WE GO...

Skyler is a very sweet and loving Pegasus with strong opinions. She loves to go into the wild and adventure just like her favorite book character, Daring Do, but she HATES being called an egghead. She is always trying to lead her friends into crazy adventures with her, no matter if they are well-known or just acquaintances.

Yes, Sky is an orphan, but she HATES to have somepony take pity on her, just because she little and adorable. She doesn't mind being alone and hates when ponies just randomly want to adopt her; she finds it kind, but sorta annoying.

Skyler always does her best at whatever she does and is headstrong about things like saving the trees, finding the thing that makes her special, and trying to fly. She will do WHATEVER it takes to get to her goals in life.

Sky, even though being very lonely, she is very kind and loyal to the friends that ACTUALLY care about her. She can be taken advantage of very easily, because she is so young. //but don't think because she is, that I am// If she doesn't like something, she will do everything in her power to change it and make it better.

When it comes down to SSPs, she already had somepony on her mind, so don't even try to hit on her, especially if you already have a SSP; She HATES being int the middle of drama considering she is leaning towards more of a tom-boy than a girly girl.
Just a wandering filly... I wanna be a student at flight school.
none..I dream of going to the Cloudsdale Flight Academy or just the regular old school in Cloudsdale.
Notable Talent / Skills
NOTHING!! No cutie mark Frown
Detailed History
I used to live in Canterlot, where I got into a lot of trouble with the kingdom. //in RP she doesn't like to talk about it much, so act like you know nothing of it, unless you are a guard or princess.// I used to live in a foster care system, but they abused me and treated me like I was the worst thing in the world. I ran away once, then they caught me. Then I got sent to an abusive foster home, and then I ran away again. The foster care owners caught me around town and took me back. I finally got adopted into a really nice home; at least that's what I thought it was. The siblings didn't know I was there and they tried to sell me once, but the parents caught them. Ever since, they treated me awful and I felt unwanted, so I ran away a third time and fled to my old home, which I still technically own, then guards saw me there, so now it's basically taken over. So, I went to Manehattan, then to Filly Delphia, then to Appleloosa, and now I'm in Ponyville. Nopony has found me yet, so that's a good thing...I've seen some ponies that look familiar, some that I've seen in pictures, I think.