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Cpl. Shadow Dust is online.

Cpl. Shadow Dust

Lives in Equestria · Born on July 9, 1996
Misc. RP Information
//before adding me send a message what rp you wanna do no erp
let me know if your from here
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hey if you wanna add me PM me for some rp

shadow,s theme

about me oc

my oc was born in 1996 at 12:10 am... at the age of 3 his parents got murdered and went to the orphanage
to help him raised up at the age of 15 left the orphan went of to a motel, in the age of 17 he decided to join the military fighting for is parents death... but his dark form is a dragon who was giving by other dragons no he's not immotal but hes not mune to lava hes a water type dragon yet he can still breath fire but he not OP he can still die

how he would look like


1. no goddmoding me oc
2. war rp yes gore yes (optional)
3. no erp PLEASE
5. 1 liner or more is fine
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Known Aliases
Shadow, dust, dusty