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Lives in  Everfree Forest Equestria · Born on July 7
Misc. RP Information
⋆ Welcome to my profile! Please take a look below if you'd like to! Have a lovely day!

⋆ Seren and I swear quite a bit, so if you don't like swearing leave now!

⋆ Please do not harm or do anything to Seren without concent of me first (for example: breaking bones, severely injuring her). But please refrain from killing her as well, it's not that easy to revive a dead meme... I mean pony!

⋆ I do request that we discuss a roleplay before it happens, rather than just getting a random starter in my messages! I mostly roleplay in PM, and occasionally on my wall. However, please no IM roleplays! Also, I do request that our roleplay be narrative 3rd person, it just seems to be more comforatble and almost what everyone else does anyways!

⋆ The ships! (Friendship and relationship!)
Making friends is one of my favorite things! Then, I'll be able to know someone behind their oc and it's not that awkward! Seren is also really interested on making friends, it's always been pretty easy for her! So don't be afraid so shoot us a message! Also, please only friend me if you wish to talk or rp with me! <3

Secondly, relationships. Seren would want to spend the rest of her life with a special pony as much as the next pony, but it's not going to come easily. Obviously, she won't instantly take the first pony who comes her way! Going through friendship and from there is the best way to go about it! Seren is also more into mares than she is with stallions.

⋆ Your roleplay will be ignored if I find it against any of my rules!

⋆ Make it this far? Send a meme in your friend request! ⋆

Current Roleplays:
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Current Location
Known Aliases
Her mom and older sister called her Ser-Bear growing up, some call her just Ser
Preferred RP Style
Narrative, 3rd Person
Preferred RP Medium (Where you RP the most)
Private Messages
Common Locations your Character will be.
Home, in the lab, or wandering randomly
Assets / Property / Bits
Seren lives in a pretty nice cave inside the Everfree Forest. It's filled with some cool things she's gathered over the years; paintings, books, jewels, etc. She doesn't have much for money, but can ge by with what she has.
Bats, night, stars, trees, nature in general
Being somewhere for too long, not being able to figure something out
Detailed Personality
Seren is a really nice pony, and willing to help anyone whenever she can. She is very introverted, and usually spends the most of her time alone reading or just hanging out. However, don't take her kindness as weakness. She doesn't like to be a door mat, and will gladly step up for herself or someone else if the situation really calls for it.

*Still editing this part