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Lives in A tent outside of Ponyville, Ponyville Equestria · Born on April 9, 1994
Misc. RP Information
((Hello and welcome! I don't have many rules and I certainly don't have a passcode, so if you just want to add me because my OC looks cool, that's fine with me.

1) I only do narrative RP's, take that into account

2) Have fun. Seriously, don't take this too seriously. We're all here just to RP and have fun.

3) I do any RP except anything unreasonably weird I.E. Rape.

4) Don't be shy about adding me! I'll send you a starter if you want me too ^^
Current Location
Known Aliases
Short Biography
Alssahra' was born and raised in a small village in the Saddle Arabian mountains where his father ruled as chief. Alsa came from a long line of sentries who served under the King of Saddle Arabia when they feuded with the Zebra's to the east. However Alsa had decided he would become a race horse, instead of serving under the king, much to his father's discontent. In fact his father called it a disgrace to their honorable heritage.

Still, Alsa did not let that stop him. No, he went on to race in all of the tracks in Saddle Arabia, coming out often as a top contender and while his father didn't approve, seeing Alsa bring some medals and trophy's home was certainly nice to show off to the other chiefs. It wasn't long after Alsa had run his last race in the Saddle Arabian capital where he had come in fourth place, did the horse decide to move to Equestria to compete in the races there so he could become strong enough to go back home and challenge the stallion who beat him. A very large black stallion by the name of Midnight Ride.

So now he lives in Ponyville where he trains everyday to get faster, while also trying to make some friends and explore the world, since he had not seen too much outside of Saddle Arabia. He wears a bridle as it is traditional for race horses to wear them, although they are a relic of the past and are a decorative piece.
Canon Equestria
Current Status
Healthy and strong
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Alsa lives in a large white tent outside of Ponyville, which flies the Saddle Arabian flag, and is filled with nice blankets from his home, trophies, medals, and other trinkets from his homeland. Money wise he is well off from having won and competed in so many races. In fact he keeps a small chest that is filled with gold of all kinds and a large bag of about five hundred bits
Skin / Coat Color
Jet black
Eye Color
Light Blue
Detailed Description
Alsa is a large stallion. He is a foot taller than the average stallion while he is longer than them as well. His mane is a mix of gold and blue. He normally wears his bridle as it reminds him of his racing days
To race. Coffee. Exercising. Winning
Losing, but he isn't a sore loser.
Long term goal(s)
to go back to Saddle Arabia and win the Prime Race
Detailed Personality
Race Horse
A small town in Saddle Arabia
Educated by his family at home
Notable Talent / Skills
Very fast as running.