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Amber Ward

Amber Ward

Lives in  Canterlot Equestria · Born on June 16, 1995
Misc. RP Information

-Reading a book on my couch before looking up- Oh Hello everypony, how are you today? I'm sorry that I see you earlier, would you like some, okay, if you are reading this which I really hope you are, you are here read about the Do's and Do not's of RPing with me. They are all listed below, and thank you for taking your time to read them...

-If you request an RP I think it is only fair if you send the starter, the same rule applies if I ask for the RP
-For a starter I like a minimum of three sentence that way it shows that you are genuinely interested in the RP, more is encouraged but please don't write a novel as a starter.
-Oh another big one. I will any type of RP, yes even that, as long as it isn't gross, Unless we discuss it first.

-OP characters are strictly forbidden
-Please do not rush me. I am trying my best to create a serious RP account with proper Narrative RPs. Also I won't be able to on all the time because I do have a job, but I will try my best to inform you if I will be away for an extended period of time.
-This is a very important one, so listen. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT assume I know you, with the exception of the Canterlot royal guards and princesses of course, but you won't know me.
-Do not control my character, be it hypnosis or demonic possession don't do it, it makes an RP very boring and unfair
-Do not kill me, it's not nice and it is kind of pointless. So there.

Reasons I may not respond.
1. Busy
2. At Work
3. Sleeping
4. On other accounts
5. Playing Dark souls or other video games(who am I kidding, it's probably Dark Souls lol)
6. Temporarily bored of RPing(happens every once in a while and it's no ones fault. I just get bored every now and then, but don't worry, I shall return.)

Well that is all of my rules, at least for now, they may be subject to change.

Now for friend requests I would really appreciate if Ponies would send me this pass phrase when they send a request ~Amber Heart~
Known Aliases
Lieutenant Amber(on duty), Amber(off duty)
Short Biography
Well let's see here, I had decided at a fairly young age that I wanted to be a royal guard for the main reason that my grandpa use to be a Captain of the royal guards and he use to tell me stories about all of the amazing things he did, both big and small.
Common Locations your Character will be.
The Princesses Castle
Title(s) / Rank
Assets / Property / Bits
A small three room apartment in the heart of Canterlot - Fully Furnished

Savings of 7500 bits

Royal guard armour
Skin / Coat Color
Dark grey
Eye Color
Light Blue
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
An Amber heart inside Shield
Detailed Description
I am an average height Pegasus in the service of the princesses. I have a dark grey coat, Light Blue eyes and a light purple mane and tail. I wear my guard uniform and I think that I look quite cute in it.
Flowers, Chocolates, My Job, Reading, My Special Juice
Criminals, Violence, Discrimination, Parties
Long term goal(s)
To become a Captain
Known Spells
Uhh...*Flaps wings* Pegasus
Detailed Personality
Ponies always say that I have very bubbly personality. They say I am nice, caring and fun to be around, and it is very hard to find me without a smile on my face. Now I'm not saying I'm perfect because no Pony is, and whomever claims that they are is just an egotist. As I was saying I have my quirks, like all of my friends are always disappointed when I turn down a party invitation, I'd just rather stay home and read rather than get drunk at a party. Another thing Ponies don't understand would be my special juice, and before you ask no it isn't anything dirty, or even alcohol, it is a mixture of tomatoes, carrots, garlic, and green onions, and it is super yummy, I always have a glass for breakfast.
Royal Guard
Military training, Advanced Placement Schooling, Light Wonderbolt training, Extensive survival training as well as search and rescue training.
Notable Talent / Skills
I have and exstensive survival training so I can essentially live in the forest if I wanted to.
Detailed History
I was born in a little hospital on the outskirts of Canterlot, my parents didn't have much money but thanks to my grandfather's many years of loyal service as the captain of the royal guard, they assured that we never went hungry. At about the age of five my grandfather started telling me stories of all the amazing stories from back when he was a royal guard. He'd tell me everything, from helping an old mare move into a new house to saving the princess from an assassination attempt, my grandfather loved telling me these stories and I loved hearing them. But one fateful day the stories ended, my grandfather, the stallion that I idolized, my hero, had passed away in his sleep just one week after my fifteenth birthday. I cried for what seemed like days until one day I decided that to honour the passing of me deceased grandfather, that I would one day become Captain of the Royal Guard, and on that day my training began.