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Beauty Brush

Beauty Brush

Lives in her home, Ponyville Equestria · Born on July 10, 2000· is engaged to Zevdal
Misc. RP Information
Now that I've (maybe) gotten your attention, some RP rules, I guess:
(Rules in bold are the most important)

1. This has recently become a problem. In case you're wondering, I'm a girl IRL. BUT that does NOT MEAN I'm interested in an IRL relationship. Just because I join a social networking site as a beautiful damsel DOES FREAKING NOT MEAN I'm wanting to pick up a guy to date. Seriously, it gets really annoying when I get lame flirtatious PMs asking my real name and age. Seriously, stop. Go to eHarmony or something. Not here.

2. I'm perfectly fine with literally ANY RP. Pony, EqG, you name it. All except for anthro (and ERP, gore, etc. A mod made me edit this with not 1, but 2 skateboard tricks Scared ); it's hard for me to imagine BB that way .x.

3. Patience is (sometimes) key. I may be busy at random times since I (unfortunately) have a life, but it's perfectly fine if you ask me to reply to your post 1 or 2 times, but not too much. I do the same, especially when the RP is getting really good. Happy

4. You can add me as a friend and hug me to your heart's content. You can go crazy on adding and hugging me. But I would appreciate it if you would at least contact me through PM or something of the sort. It sorta pains me to be accused of being a "trophy friend", which is someone who adds multiple friends just to have a large number of them, like wanting trophies on your shelf. I don't like treating others like so, and you shouldn't, either.

5. No OP stuff or Godmodding stuff. At least give me a chance to take some power. You may of course ask permission to act sort-of OP for a bit, but don't complain if I reject.

6. LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVEME. Ha, I'm kidding. Just remember to not think so negatively so you can have fun in the RP~

7. I'm perfectly fine with group RPs. But I won't join if there's no "posting pattern", or basically taking turns posting. It's very stressful and confusing to me because I'm not the fastest typer on phone or computer around, and plus I just don't see any good reason not to take turns.

8. I usually do a lets-just-see-how-it-goes thing when starting an RP. Yes, either you or I will make the starter, but planning the entire RP out kind ruins the "Omg I wonder what's gonna happen next" for me. But, if you just absolutely NEED to plan it out, I'll go with it.

9. Please, no short one-liners, keep actions and speech organized, and have decent grammar. It kills me to not see any description of the setting & all that, and I just can't respond correctly because of that. Just try to be as descriptive as your imagination possibly can. I sometimes may ask about this after you've posted, so please don't get mad or anything if you have to explain something to me. I just do so so the RP can flow well.

10. To those who're concerned, any RPs with romance or of that sort will be non-canon unless otherwise. I'll discuss that "otherwise" with you so it can be official. Don't worry, I won't try to embarrass you by making BB seem like a cheater or whatever~

11. I am very laid-back. Don't be so darn shy! I'm not a snob!~ If you wish to RP yet you're somehow too scared to ask me, why would you? I mean, bro, I don't go to the worst possible scenario and think you're a butt because you were cocky enough to ask me something. It's ok!~
On the side note, though, if you're the kind of person that gets ticked off from people who seem derpy and optimistic, trying to be your OOC friend, when you're extremely strict on just RPing, then I recommend you go back to the homescreen and not send a request. I don't want to cause more feuds just for being myself.

12. Overall, just don't be a big jerk. That is all.

Note: I will most likely add you and ask to RP with you if you're a
probably some other odd creature
character from a show I really like

If you've managed to read all this she-bang, remember to put in "Toast" when adding me so I know~
Also I might as well give out my accounts at other places so you can all stalk me and ruin my life. Though none of these show my real name, even though it may seem like it o3o
Skype: abbi.robinson1
FurAffinity: GalacticToast
Inkbunny: GalacticToast
DeviantArt: Immatoastfromspace
YouTube: GalacticToast
(More may be added)

Also, this delicate beauty can occasionally curse. If you're allergic to that, back up!

And in case you don't understand some faces and words I type out, refer to this link: \\
Unicorn (secretly a human)
Current Location
Either somewhere in Ponyville or the woods
Known Aliases
Beauty (as human: Gala)
Short Biography
Just another random pony civilian of Ponyville, struggling to keep her finances good to stay afloat, doesn't visit outside much except to disappear into what looks like the Everfree but actually just the woods, socially awkward and not always into making friends, and slightly suspicious in society. Just slightly. So she surely isn't hiding anything or whatever...


Basically what the average pony who knows her knows about her is that she came to Ponyville as if from nowhere. She was miraculously able to get the money–as if my magic–to get her rental house to live in. She's occasionally able to sell a painting or two.
Canon Equestria
Current Status
Preferred RP Style
Narrative, 3rd Person
Preferred RP Medium (Where you RP the most)
Wall Posts, Private Messages
Common Locations your Character will be.
Somewhere in Ponyville, the woods (not the Everfree, calmer and remotely safer), her house
Christian? Does that count?
Title(s) / Rank
Assets / Property / Bits
Assets: Her hoodie, sketchbook(s), other art stuff, and other simple stuff. And during the winter, her parka and small boots.

Property: An okay, two-floor, rental house in the neighborhoods of Ponyville. The bottom floor contains a merged-together hardwood-floor living room and tile-floor kitchen. There is a flight of stairs in the corner, which leads to her hardwood-floor bedroom and tile-floor bathroom.
There isn't much furniture in the entire house, and it's a bit messy with dishes here and there. But the overall condition of her house is... okay.

Bits: Enough to buy some food and pay the bills for now.
Skin / Coat Color
Light cream
Eye Color
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
Detailed Description
Pictures, man. It's not that hard.

Dramatic Version:
Her hair; crimson, almost bloody rose red. Her coat; nearly as delicately pale as creme-de-la-creme-orwhateverthatis. Her naturally beautiful eyes; warm magenta, like the fire in a magical hearth. Yet, she does not dwell much into her appearance, and rather looks towards comfort and simplicity, by usually tying her long, wavy mane back in a bun or ponytail, possibly adding a headband. Being quite lean and shorter than most mares, she may firstly appear to be small. Yet her cup of care always happens to be empty when she comes across that subject.

Simple Version:
Wavy red mane. Light cream coat. Would love to be in pajamas all day. Long mane can get annoying, so a cheap headband is the most of what you'll get, if you were looking for all-of-her-hair-down. She's scrawny and short. Like, as a human, she's 5'1", so you might understand that kind of comparison.
Oh yeah, and she has rainbow braces now. She wants to rip them out, though.
Drawing, art, music, being alone, Zevdal, her dark gray hoodie, cookies, sometimes spending time with close friends, sometimes reading books, traveling dimensions every now and then, food, Ramen Noodles
Jerks, being the center of attention to several ponies, rudeness, bad judgement, her parents, talking about her actual past, broccoli, spicy stuff, exposed heights, anything overly pink and girly
Long term goal(s)
Improve art skills, stay positive, keep her secrets a secret from nearly everypony, and just make it through life
Known Spells
As a pony: Levitation, teleportation, minor magic blast, small and minor shield, illumination, minor special effects (mist, glow, etc), transform into her human form, *teleport to another dimension.
As a human: Levitation, illumination, change clothes in a snap, fly, fire-like magic blasts (from her hands), *change into the natural forms of a dimension she's in and her human form, *teleport to dimensions, *others.

* these spells are pretty hard for her to do, as she doesn't have full control of her magic.
Detailed Personality
She usually likes to stay quiet, and is partially anti-social, so she has social anxiety. But she does know how to treat others, and is more open towards her close friends. She is mostly a tomboy, though she can act a tad bit girly. She's also kind, sweet, and loving. She thinks mostly positive, and remotely more logically than most females, but she breaks down in tears nearly every time she talks about her real past, and not the past she made up to cover her real identity. This means that she can be very emotional when she is greatly sad, angry, and when extremely happy. It also means that she can cry easily, though she tries her best to cover up the tears, and feels severely embarrassed, and only wants to cry alone.

But if you skipped the above, the summary is that although she mostly prefers to be alone, she has a 99% golden heart.
Not-so-well-paid artist
High school-ish education and a lot about dimensional travel and magic and stuff, still learning more.
Notable Talent / Skills
Some of these aren't exactly "talents", but just some noticeable things.

Fear of exposed heights. She's perfectly fine with being in the top floor of a hotel, but removing the walls and making the floor the size for a small bathroom, and she can freak out quite a bit.
Can reach an ear-piercing high pitch when screaming/singing/whatever.
Pretty good at singing; like at Alto. I don't know for sure; I'm not an expert at that stuff.
Can reach Soprano singing.
Can run pretty fast due to her lean body. She's been told she has the body of a runner both as a human and a pony. Or tracker, whatever it is.
Her hooves/hands tend to be pretty cold. There really no reason to it. Just has hoofsicles/handsicles. There's even a BuzzFeed thing about what it's like to be easily cold. Look it up.
She bakes herself cookies just for the heck of it, and she can make them nearly as big as a hoof/hand. Pretty big.
She has dimples, so they show whenever she smiles.
Has slight OCD. Just slight; nothing major. This kinda helps her with her drawings.
She seems to be a baby/foal and animal whisperer. The majority of animals and youngins just seem to automatically like her. (It's a gift and a curse -~-)
(More may be added)
Detailed History
You'll find out once Beauty tells you. (During RP, you might learn more and more about it)