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Haru Hoppers

Haru Hoppers

Lives in a Apartment, Manehatten Equestria · Born on November 26, 1985
Misc. RP Information
~Welcome to my profile, Thanks for looking it over!~


1. Don't hate or you will be blocked and unfriended
2. Don't be rude talking to me personally.
3. 2 sentences per reply or more but no less, you can every now and then but not continuously.
4. Reply within a week or i will ask why the long wait.
5. Don't nag for art but you are allowed to ask but if i say no it means no.
6. No killing my oc unless you can revive her in someway as a zombie or a vampire or whatever.
7. You add me you roleplay with me, im not a number, we must talk or roleplay to remain friends.
8. Grammar needs to be readable, doesn't need to be great but needs to be understandable.
9. Im bad at Punctuation so its okay if your bad at it too.


1. ERP isn't really my thing but of the other asks then maybe.
2. Anthro and human roleplays are okay with me.
3. I don't bite, im friendly so feel free to hit me up with a message
4. Hug War?
5. Im not on all the time so please don't rush me with reply's.
6. Im completely fine with any roleplay as long as it has a build up in characters relation, friendly or not it is a must.
7. Feel free to request art, it gives me something to do when waiting for reply's.
A earthpony with bunny traits
Current Location
Hopping around the city
Known Aliases
Haru, Haruhi, Hops, Hoppy, Hopper
Short Biography
She was born into a normal family, Her looks were different from her mother and farther, she seemed to resemble a bunny in a way though is wasn't to clear to see that at her age.

She grew up getting teased because of how she looked, most days she would come home from school in tears. After primary she got home schooled, Her looks made her stand out as it was much clearer now that she wasn't a normal looking pony, her tail never grew any longer and her ears were longer then any others around her age.

She continued to grow up and ended up getting a job at a post office, delivering messages and packages. She got to wear a hat to cram her ears in her hat to cover her ears to stop being teased while working so it was a good job for her.
Current Status
: D
Preferred RP Style
1st Person
Preferred RP Medium (Where you RP the most)
Private Messages
Common Locations your Character will be.
Anywhere she is needed to be for the roleplay
Title(s) / Rank
Assets / Property / Bits
Lives in a Apartment

Has a fair amount of bits

Owns whatever is in her apartment
the main things she owns are:
1. A white work shirt
2. A gold messenger badge
3. Brown saddle bags
4. A blue work hat
5. Loads of alcohol and carrots
6. a teddy of a bunny
Skin / Coat Color
Light orange
Eye Color
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
Has not obtained it yet
Detailed Description
She is at Average height and weight
She has small dots on her body and face, they look like freckles but they are just marking and patterns on her body.
She has extremely long ears that look like bunny/rabbit ears.
She has orange piercings on one of her ears and has orange snake bite piercings under her mouth
She has a short, messy, uneven, orange mane and a short orange tail.
Her eyes are orange along with the rest of her body, her colors only consist of different shades of orange.
alcohol, carrots, butterfly's and charms
Detailed Personality
Shes just a quiet mare with few words to say, yet she tends to get very curious about things. she looks like a bunny, and Due to getting teased because of it she tends to push others away, not wanting to get hurt.
Messenger for all
Home schooled after primary
Notable Talent / Skills
Making charms
Drinking a lot of alcohol without getting the slightest bit tipsy.
Eating lots of carrots