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Pokemon Trainer Ethan

Pokemon Trainer Ethan

Lives in New Bark Town, Other Equestria · Born on April 27, 2001
Earth Pony
Current Location
Indigo Plateau/Pokemon League
Known Aliases
Gold, Pokemon Champion, Hibiki, Kanto/Johto Champion
Current Status
Defending Champion Title
Preferred RP Style
2nd Person, 3rd Person
Preferred RP Medium (Where you RP the most)
Private Messages
Common Locations your Character will be.
New Bark Town, Pokemon League, Traveling to new Regions.
Title(s) / Rank
Kanto/Johto Pokemon League Champion, Pokemon Trainer, Pokemon Master
Assets / Property / Bits
Pokemon Party/List:
Typhlosion (Lvl 78)
Feraligatr (Lvl 75)
Meganium (Lvl 75)
Togekiss (Lvl 70)
Gyarados (Lvl 68)
Sudowoodo (Lvl 67)
Skin / Coat Color
Eye Color
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
Gold Pokeball