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Alexis and friends

Lives in Small cottage, Ponyville Equestria · Born on April 25· is in an open relationship with Solar Dasher
Misc. RP Information
Don't go hate'n on me because my oc is a natural born Alicorn, it's getting old and the current reason against alicorns is getting very old, it's annoying.

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This is a rule to be followed: If you have a crush on me please don't be an anonymous, it's required for you to put in your username so I know who it is. Don't be shy, ok? Plus, random anonymous just puts up a red light.

My Likes that I can't show here will be on a web link to a doc if I can make one (coming soon) or if you want to know now, I can pm you. Themes for each character are in here but for my ponesona

My ocs with race, status and occupation
Alexis Lamontagne (Alicorn) Farewell Life
Drawing Sign (Alicorn) taken) Heart of Courage - 2:50:47
Drawn Signal (Pegasus) interested) Heart - 0:56:00
Rain Tumblr (Pegasus) not interested
Queen Corcella mora KorDell Sign (niceling queen) very interested) Promise - 1:38:04
Interstellar Change (changeling/niceling) interested
Celestial Spectrum (Alicorn) deciding
Cloud Star (Pegasus/changeling cross breed but looks like a normal pony) deciding
Coralline Dresser Sign (Merpony) very interested
Little J (alicorn) not interested
Alexander (WereMare) married
Lustful Dreams (lustling) super interested, owner of Stable 69
A.R.P. 834 (Anthro Robot Pony)
Current Location
Known Aliases
Alexis, The Young Elder of Ponyville, Ms. Lamontagne
Short Biography
-Alexis Lamontagne-

She has my history due to her timeline, but you can guess what her life is like today.

-Drawing Sign-

Drawing is an open relationship kind of stallion for one reason, him and his little brother are the last alive in the Sign family.

Drawing doesn't date, he likes to get to know the mare he's with and the mare gets to know him as well. He doesn't date because it counts as cheating in my point of view, so no dating Drawing... Unless, the mare he has a full relationship with says he can. The pony he loves is in the lunar guard, a batpony name Jessie.

If you don't mind or your oc doesn't mind him being open and like him having multiple small relationships along with a main relationship, then everything will run smoothly. He may look tough because of his hight body mass, he has a soft spot for others. He's caring and kind, he's partially a pacifist. He doesn't like to fight as much, but if he gets angry or if somepony he knows as a very close friend is captured, he'll fight.

>Drawing Sign isn't really the high in power kind of alicorn as many may think, he's dislikes being what other think of him as a whole. He wasn't born in the royal family of any type, he wasn't born in an alicorn family either. His family are Pegasus in origin (partly), his little brother Rain Tumble and him are the last (or not) alive in the sign family tree. Drawing's magic is monitored by a moon shadow called Dream Sing (who is rebellious to the idea of internal night and darkness) and keep Drawing's nightmare form at bay.<

Alternate universe

In love with his twin sister (this reality, Drawn doesn't exist)

-Alexander Collar-

Doctor Alexander Collar wasn't always a WereMare, he was a doctor at the hospital in ponyville. He quit his job when he got bit by one his patients on a half moon at night, which that patient was a WereMare.
Current Status
In a relationship with a friend
Preferred RP Style
Narrative, Short ( i.e. Asterisk actions ), 1st Person, 3rd Person, Speed
Preferred RP Medium (Where you RP the most)
Private Messages
Common Locations your Character will be.
Ponyville, canterlot, everfree forest
Title(s) / Rank
Bearer of The Element of Talent
Assets / Property / Bits
5.56 assault magazine
A milkmare uniform with hat and saddlebaskets
Damaged IPad
Blank IPad
Map of Equestria
67 bits
200 USD
Xbox 360 and One
Memory orb with label Drawing Sign's real memories
Skin / Coat Color
Sunflower Brown
Eye Color
Earth Green with a gold halo
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
Art, building, magic, always want to have some fun, friends, any pony race and speices
Miss treated, being mistaken as royalty, being called over powered because of race, messing up, being turned down, Molestia for many obvious reasons
Long term goal(s)
be accepted
Known Spells
Universal time travel spell
Detailed Personality
Fun loving and sensitive mare
Artist, self working
Pre-changed Alexis

He went to a public school in mass
Taft, Whiten and Uxbridge

He never went collage

After change Alexis to current day

She learns on her own terms
Notable Talent / Skills
Skills: Technology, cooking, building, physics, magic
Talent: Art and Writing
Detailed History

David was a nice kid to meet, very new the more you know of him. He is transgendered, but only tells those he trusts.

(After change)

She was given a chance of a new life in the town of New Equus, Mass

(The Techonic Era)

This was the most devastating day on earth in history, the movement of the tectonic plates had quickened and the plates started to destabilise and land mass was lost (if you seen 2012, you know what happened)... This event caused many to move inland, most of the west and East Coast was underwater or devistated from the destruction. Alexis was the most hit since her home state was half gone, the town of New Equus was no more.

Ever since then, Alexis had to deal with nightmares for about 2045 years. Since she was alicorn, she didn't age mental and also she didn't age physically. She had built her new home in a area soon to be the location of PonyVille, she lived a bit miserable life of lose and regret.


It has been 2047 years, the plates had stabilised and slowly came to their original pace of an inch per year...

(Equestrian Era)

Alexis had seen Equestria come to what it is today, seeing history unfold before her. She gotten into some of it, she pitched in with helping with building the princesses old castle both day and night. She only appeared in certain times to see if everything was going like she has seen somewhere else long ago, seen as a different race each time.

(Current Equestria)

Alexis lives a normal life, made many friends. She usually referred as The Young Elder of PonyVille, she's about 3017 going on to 3018 years of age.