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Frost Burn

Lives in ., Ponyville Equestria · Born on February 14, 1985· Frost Burn is in a relationship with Psychotic Break
Misc. RP Information
// Unfortunately, it's time for a little bit of rules...

Rule #1: Do. Not. Control. Frost. He'll rip your throat out. You can ATTEMPT to stab/wound/kiss/move him... But not immediately and impossibly just toss him about as if he was just a breeze.

Rule #2: I prefer narrative roleplays overall. Please add in at LEAST a paragraph starter. If you're going to be lazy about the roleplay, expect me to be just as lazy.

Rule #3: I'm okay with a few grammar errors... We all have had a phase like that. Just try your best, m'kay? I'm alright with a little bit of lingo, but don't go full text talk on me.

Rule #4: I'm alright with any sort of roleplay. Know that anything we decide to do WILL be non-canon unless told otherwise before-hand. This is to reduce the drama factor that could be held between our characters.

Rule #5: I am willing to ship Frost. Know that the mate he ships with is his CANON LOVER. Meaning, he is only in love with the one he is canonly shipped with. And that person currently is Psychotic Break, so hold off on the ERP!

Rule #6: Please do send a starter if you send me a request, it'd give me a better look on your character and how my Frosty could respond to them. No pressure, take as much time as you need for it!

Rule #7: All art on my page is done by other artists unless I specifically say I created the piece.

And finally, Rule #8: Have Fun! Do enjoy our RP, chit-chats, or random ooc moments! I want the both of us to have a blast on here, so keep a smile up and I'll be sure to help you keep it!
Current Location
Known Aliases
Short Biography
"I've dabbled in research of the dark arts, which ended up with me being in this accursed state. Curiosity killed the cat, I suppose... Someday soon, I'll find a way to reverse this."
Current Status
Alive and in love!~
Preferred RP Style
Preferred RP Medium (Where you RP the most)
Common Locations your Character will be.
Around the park area or inside of his home.
Clear Skies
Title(s) / Rank
Assets / Property / Bits
Little to none.
Skin / Coat Color
Light Grey
Eye Color
Black with Red Dot in Middle
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
(Currently Editing)
Detailed Description
"I am a slim stallion with a heart of gold. I try to do my best for others, but scars from the past are left on my body and mind. My eyes are due to the Equinox realm."
Music, Respect, Love, Family, Adventures, Weapons, and Friends
Abuse, Disrespect to others, and Loneliness
Long term goal(s)
To achieve a perfect life.
Detailed Personality
"Cautious, Kind, Flirtatious, and Outgoing. Don't let my appearance scare you off too far, still a pony at heart. Just need a bit of determination, y'know?"
No education is known, just through the world.
Notable Talent / Skills
Music, Weaponry, Accuracy, Long range, and Inventing
Detailed History
(Get to know him more, I usually tend to keep this a surprise.)