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Lives in  Hollow Shades Equestria · Born on March 22, 1995
Misc. RP Information
Hello! The name's Marx~! Thanks for checking out my page, ponies~ I will be quick.

1. Don't be afraid to come on and say hi. I won't bite ya, hard~ I'm an omnivore, so I can control my appetite for blood by eating more fruit than I normally would. If fruit is around plenty then I won't be a problem unless you wouldn't mind me snacking on you. Hehe.

2. I like to discuss my starters to a good enough detail to understand how I would put it into a starter. I can post up to a paragraph full or two. I wouldn't mind cutting it down with the one-liners though they would have to kick it up to about 2 or 3 lines.

3. Erps can come and go. Don't discriminate on the gender, just care if it will be quick responses. I won't mind a halt in the story as long as I know you are leaving, sometimes I get that there isn't time to warn but a bye could work.

4. If I send a request to you and you accept OR If you send a request and I accept, I do hope that you will reply to me or post on my wall/send a pm/ or chat IM within one or two days. I will have the lonely feels if you don't, I want all the friends I can eat! O~O Have! >~> <~< I said Have!

5. Not afraid to just have a good ol' conversation either, if you aren't in the roleplay mood or you are not in good spirits, I'm a bat you can share your secrets and feels with. Trust me, I know how having some pony to depend on is good for your health. Heh so just let it out~!

6. Well, I don't know any more that I'd like to say. If there is anything you don't like about me or what I have done or will do. Just tell me ;3

7. Thanks again~ Lets have a good time kay~? ^w^

8. Also, I love to hug so if I hug ya that means I like you or your character and I want to roleplay. I also hug as a little notification during roleplay if you happened to take a longer gap between replies just to keep you knowing i'm here course I will be patient.
Bat Pony
Current Location
Home in Hollow Shades
Known Aliases
Dirty Marx. Dirty. D.M
Short Biography
Marx was always a pony to get down and dirty, rolling in the dark soil of Hollow Shades as a young one. He was one of the late ones to develop their skill of flight, as it was quite necessary since the bat ponies usually lived in high trees. He and his mother lived alone in a home more closer to the earth than high up in the tall plantations growing with delicious treats from the branches that did make contact with the alicorn princess' Sun, giving the colony plenty to eat at the time being. Though having the fruit brought to him, Marx didn't grow up really needing the expertise of flight but eventually he had gained the ability anyways. The vampony grew up with the odd interest in dirt and body marking, becoming quite the odd ball of his teenager years and fellow bat ponies. Going out on adventures with a selected few he called out as his friends, they wandered away from their home secretly to go out and explore, only to find that the sun wasn't that bad as usually bat ponies try and hide from since the darkness was more suited. Months of rolling in dirt and mud helped the pony stay more comfortable with the sunny rays, though he still much prefer the darkness. This soon allowed the adventurous colt to wander out much further than he did when he was younger.

Marx proceeded to visit towns, cities, and even the Badlands; Befriended even those of the normal pony variety.; and is quite enjoying the different kind of dirt found in the sunlight. Much more warm and moisturized.
Current Status
Preferred RP Style
3rd Person
Preferred RP Medium (Where you RP the most)
Private Messages
Common Locations your Character will be.
In muddy places, Hollow Shades, Badlands, Known drinking pubs, or right behind you! Rawr!
Assets / Property / Bits
Working on that bit stuff X3

I have two homes, one in Hollow Shades with mother still there. I visit her from time to time.

In Badlands, my first place on my own. Gets a little lonely since mom isn't there but she comes on by. Good to hear from her. Some of my friends come by.
Skin / Coat Color
Silver grey. Dirty brown colored mane. Light and Dark tones.
Eye Color
Sky blue
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
No cutiemark.
Detailed Description
In place of his cutie mark, Marx has three individual markings upon him.
Two under both his eyes, and the last on his left hip.

The first is the Tribal Marking on his hip. (The top left in the cover photo)

The second is the Henna marking under his left eye. (The greyish one on the right in the cover photo)

The third is the Flora marking under his right eye. (Last one in the cover photo.)
Drinking, Dirt, Mud, Sun, Night time, Fruits(Especially Mangoes), Earth and Unicorn ponies, and Sleeping.
Blood of liars, when the sun is too bright, Mother's nagging,
Long term goal(s)
Hmmm meh don't care for Future.
Hollow Shades
Mother's home schooling with the available books found in the Hollow Shades library.
Notable Talent / Skills
Drawing markings(Tattoos)