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Cynders Reign "Cyr"

Cynders Reign "Cyr"

Lives in I wander :/, Equestria · Born on October 18
Misc. RP Information
//Reign takes on three (3) different forms. her youngest is a Pegasus mare about 13-15 years old (most of Ponyville's population age) and will more than likely be pregnant depending on who she's RPing with, and she may or may not have a young colt with her by the name of Surrenders Rain. (When RPing as a Pegasus, I'll start the RP with a -Pegasus- mark). Her second for is a Unicorn, and she'll have Surrender with her, dragon pupils, and will be about the size of Princess Luna. (When RPing as a Unicorn, I'll start the RP with a -Unicorn- mark). Her third and final form is a transformed Alicorn, where she will /not/ have Surrender, and it would do you well not to mention about him//
transformed alicorn (final)
Current Location
on the road
Known Aliases
Reign Cyr
Short Biography
I'm one of those ponies who will be happy one moment and be depressed or in a rage the next. If you and I get to know each other, then I'll more likely be happy with you. I do apologize if I rage before I get to know you.
Current Status
Preferred RP Style
2nd Person
Preferred RP Medium (Where you RP the most)
Wall Posts
Common Locations your Character will be.
Everfree Forest, Ponyville, Dragon's Peak, Canterlot
Title(s) / Rank
Keeper/Princess of Hell
Assets / Property / Bits
the last of the Fire Willows in Hell is my home, about 15-16 acres of land surrounding it is also mine (every acre is marked with a red flag with a black feathered dragon) I have about 100 bits on my pony where ever I go (I have a hidden box in my tree that has the rest of my money.)
Skin / Coat Color
light silver
Eye Color
bright crimson
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
black feathered dragon over red vortex
Detailed Description
black fetlocks. striaght black and red mane/tail. Wing tips are dyed red. Multiple piercings on both ears. Old scars line her back and rear legs. Is currently 6 months pregnant. (alicorn: horn is tainted/stained a dark gray, has twin neon green eyebrow piercings, and a neon green tongue stud.)
Music, Writing, Reading, Playing video games, Masochistism, Sadism
Discrimination, fakers, dick heads, the words 'faggot' and 'retard' used against a pony to make them feel bad
Long term goal(s)
to squash my nightmares
Known Spells
Dragon Aura (searches for the aura of anypony/animal), Shield, Shield breaker, Firebreath, Fireball, Earthquake, Soul Steal (only when I'm insane (fills a Hell crystal, used for black magic)), Healing Hooves only when I'm normal/lesser\), Close Wounds (faster healing process), Invisibility, Flame Cloak, Fear, Dragon Hide (harden skin), Telekinesis, Telepathy, Soul Call (can speak with the dead for a short time, used to reconnect other's with passed loved ones), Disintegrate (only when I'm insane(used for torture, slowly melts away layer upon layer of flesh)), Heat Blast (raises temperature in a 20ft radius), Grow (speeds up the growth of plants/makes plants grow more)

/Please note that these are spells I know. I have a mental lock that prevents me from using them. I can preform them, but I end up passing out from using them. I use Fear, Close Wounds, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Heat Blast, Shield, Dragon Aura, and Grow actively\
Detailed Personality
I'm a wise ass, don't take shit for anypony, brags about myself, can't feel blunt force.
Junior Flight Camp and Cloudsdale Flight School for two years. After, I taught what I know
Notable Talent / Skills
Detailed History
RP with me if you want to know my past