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Farren Chips

Lives in 233 Crisps St., Ponyville Equestria · Born on March 2, 1998
Misc. RP Information
"Hey there! I'm Farren Chips, also known as Farren Fries, but we call them chips in the UK. Blimey, I completely forgot about something, but I can't remember what.. Oh, yes! Rules! I have those things..

1. I don't MIND erotic role-plays, but I will only do them if I'm in the mood to..

2. Same things goes for romance, I will only do them if I'm in the mood to.

3. I will tolerate asterisk roleplayers, but they have to have an interesting story an DECENT grammar. Please, that's all I'm asking for.

4. DO NOT KILL ME OR MIND CONTROL ME WITHOUT MY ADMIN'S PERMISSION!! It's so sad that I'm FORCED to say this, but I am. The only person permitted to mind control me without my admin's permission is a person roleplaying as the Riddler from Batman.

5. Do NOT force me to do something I clearly DO NOT want to do! If so, I shall block you.

6. Just have fun!

7. If you have read these rules please put; "French Fries, pfft" in your friend request or I will deny it.

Thanks for reading!"

Profile Picture by Scetch Penstroke!
Earth Pony
Current Location
Known Aliases
Farren Fries, Ferran Fry, Farren Crisps, Farrie, and Farry.
Short Biography
Farren was born in London, the United Kingdom, but grew up in Ponyville, Equestria because her parents had found a better job there. Her parents, Faran Fry and Polly Crisps, started a restaurant near Sugar Cube Corner and passed the business on to Farren. She is now the owner of "The Kingdom's Best", a hayburger and fries place that rivals McDonald's.
Current Status
Preferred RP Style
Preferred RP Medium (Where you RP the most)
Private Messages
Common Locations your Character will be.
At "The Kingdom's Best", cooking food.
Title(s) / Rank
Manager/Cook/Waiter. (It's a hard job)
Assets / Property / Bits
Dear User,

This section is none of your business.

Sincerely (Or Not),

Farren Chips.
Skin / Coat Color
Eye Color
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
Detailed Description

Mane Color

Chips, potatoes, crisps, Doctor Who, violins, videogames, and others.
Americans who keep calling chips the wrong name, bread and butter pickles
Long term goal(s)
Not Applicable
Known Spells
Not Applicable
Detailed Personality
Farry can be very snappy at times, and silly, it depends on the pony.
Notable Talent / Skills
Cooking, managing money, making her friends laugh.
Detailed History
See Short Biography.