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Aero Crown

Aero Crown

Lives in  Manehatten Equestria · Born on May 20, 1997
Current Location
Manehatten University
Known Aliases
Aero, AC, Nerd.
Current Status
Awaiting to return to university again. (Also open to most RP ideas)
Preferred RP Style
Narrative, 1st Person, 2nd Person, 3rd Person
Preferred RP Medium (Where you RP the most)
Chat/IM, Chatrooms, Private Messages
Common Locations your Character will be.
Wherever the RP is basically.
Neutral, Student Union
Title(s) / Rank
Assets / Property / Bits
A Small flat in Manehatten
Some Biochemistry research books
University notes
Research papers.
Bits: Not as many as I'd like due to University studies
Skin / Coat Color
Navy Blue
Eye Color
Silver Grey
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
Laurel Wreath
Detailed Description
I'm just your average height for a mare. I'd say I'm a rather normal size too, although maybe a little thinner than most, but that's barely noticeable. My fur coat colour is already stated as navy blue. However, my mane and tail are both a snowy white colour. My cutie mark, a laurel wreath is a golden colour and is also just a normal size. I only dress up for big nights or I'll put on my lab coat for when I'm conducting some biochemical tests for research, and even for the fun of it. Thanks to the help of dentists and orthodontists, I have a rather nice set of teeth, and as a result, I'm far less conscious of myself than I used to be because I can give a large smile now. I've been told my eyelashes are a lovely length, whatever that is. I'm not sure why but I have grey eyes; reasoning for not knowing why is because my parents both have brown eyes. I'll just put it down to recessive genetic material that inevitably became part of my being. Being in a lab with lots of chemicals means that I always make sure to be rather spotless in appearance, just as a measure in good hygiene. I'll style my mane and tail however really.
Films that make me cry from happiness, Biochemical tests, meeting new ponies, trying out new foods, supporting sport teams
Rice pudding, bad hygiene, high maintenance ponies, rudeness
Long term goal(s)
To find cures to once thought incurable conditions
Known Spells
Detailed Personality
I'm rather mild mannered in most cases and I'll always try to see the best in a pony rather than focus on any negatives. Once I've gained a really close friend or set of friends, I'll defend them fiercely and support them lovingly. If there's ever an issue and I'm on the opposite side I'll argue rationally (mostly) and try to avoid being offensive where I can. I can get quite emotional over some things, though that's not always a bad thing, but it could be used against me with the wrong ponies. I find it good to make friends, although I find it harder to get some close friends because it takes me a while to feel like that about others. I have a relatively good sense of humour, and even though there are some rather dark jokes in my repertoire, I know when it's best not to use them, so I wouldn't.
Filly Delphia
Notable education: University of Manehatten, studying C700 Biochemistry
Notable Talent / Skills
Particularly skilled in the chemical aspects of biochemistry.