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Jumping Ponies.


Lives in Sweet Apple Acres, Ponyville Equestria ·
Misc. RP Information
//I haven't post any rules since 2013.. Nao, I'll post thy rules!
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All Old RPS is deleted. I'm doing fresh new ones.

Rule 1: Don't godmod Applejack..

Rule 2: Don't rush me into Rps.. I got a life out of PS.

Rule 3: If you got somewhere to be.. Just tell meh! Don't leave me hanging.

Rule 4: My IM's sound always be silent so be patient with all my replies.

Rule 5: ERP will be at IM or PM

Rule 6: I kindly won't be reply the rps in Wall posts,PM or IM cuz I'm might be chatting with frands or watching A Slap on Titan on Youtube. Mostly, Both.

Rule 7: I'm random.

Rule 8: I'm Shy. >.< >.> <.<

Rule 9: If my IM says I'm Busy with a red dot it's means I'm busy. Don't IM Me when I'm busy. But, Yall can leave me a message and I'll reply it soon.

Rule 10: Applejack may or may not be talking country.

Rule 11: Narrative only. But I'll do "*" and first person as well.

Rule 12: Paragraphs? About 2 or 4 sentences.

Rule 13: Rp style I can is.. Adventure,comedy and Romance. But I don't rp ginmark,bloodly,killing etc etc

Rule 14: If I don't reply in PM, Wall, or IM. I'm always busy so, be patient with all my replies.

Have Fun~!

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Current Location
Known Aliases
AJ,Apple,Jackie,Apple-kun, Jackie-san
Short Biography
Applejack is dependable and loyal, always willing to help anybody in need.She works at Sweet Apple Acres mainly as an apple bucker, though the Apples occasionally farm carrots and corn as well.
Canon Equestria
Preferred RP Style
Narrative, Short ( i.e. Asterisk actions ), 1st Person
Preferred RP Medium (Where you RP the most)
Wall Posts, Chat/IM, Private Messages
Skin / Coat Color
Light brilliant gamboge
Eye Color
Moderate sap green
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
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Detailed Description
She is a good sisterly figure to Apple Bloom and supports her friends well on their adventures. And Applejack represents the element of honesty. She always making a good choice. She loves spending time with her friends.
Honesty, spending time
Not being honest
Long term goal(s)
Being better sister
Detailed Personality
Notable Talent / Skills
Bucking the apple trees
Detailed History
Ask me!

Yall should know about AJ's History. :/