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Lives in  Canterlot Equestria · Born on December 11, 1991
Misc. RP Information
For rps, they'll most be romance/slice of life. With some adventures and long term stuff if me and the other rper have good enough chemistry together ( maybe even commissioned pics with our OCs doing stuff together) Smile Though I am a bit picky when it comes to rps, so be warned lol ERPS might be welcome, but they'd have to be led up to first, not just "okay sex now!" lol
Alternate Characters
Cyanide Sting ( my changeling )
Current Location
Known Aliases
Short Biography
This account is for my main OC Burning Passion or Passion for short. In his "canon" backstory fics he is with Rarity, even has a daughter with her. That being said, I count each rp as an alternate universe so that doesn't really come into play lol
Current Status
Single.... kinda Laugh
Preferred RP Style
1st Person
Preferred RP Medium (Where you RP the most)
Private Messages
Common Locations your Character will be.
Canterlot, Manehattan and Ponyville
Really none, but if there is an rp that involves them, most likely the NLR or Changeling Hive
Title(s) / Rank
Royal Magic Researcher, foreign negotiator.
Assets / Property / Bits
Since he works in the Canterlot castle, he is pretty wealthy. He owns a house in one of Canterlots side streets with a view of the valley out his bedroom window. He also has quite an extensive magic book/equipment collection being the Royal Magic Researcher and all.
Skin / Coat Color
Light Crimson
Eye Color
Scarlet Red
Cutie Mark ( If Applicable )
A flaming heart with smoke coming from the top that turns into magic aura
Magic, Mares, Discovering new things, Nice ponies
Ponies who are full of themselves, ponies who disrespect mares, seafood, heights.
Long term goal(s)
None really
Known Spells
Probably too many to name Laugh It goes basic ones like levitation, force fields, transfiguration and teleportation.All the way to more complicated ones like combat capable magic blasts, transformation magic ( learned from Chrysalis in his backstory fic ) and illusion spells ( his specialty). And not really a spell, but he learned to harness the Nightmare Force's power without being overcome by it's evil intent which gives him a significant boost in magic power and potency ( even able to do illusion spells that trick the target's brain into forgetting to send the lungs signals to breath, while in Nightmare Form) There are plenty more spells, but they only really show up when needed in rps.
Detailed Personality
Passion is first and foremost 2 things: 1. A gentlecolt, the type of "prince" Rarity always speaks of, holding doors open, making sure the lady never steps in a puddle, and etc. And 2. An intellectual, always studying and learning new spells as well being happy to help others find knowledge or just help lol
Canterlot Castle Magic Researcher
Well this could be one of two things.

If you're going by his backstory fic, then really just magic training from Twilight, Trixie and Chrysalis.

If we're going by rp background, then his family brought him to Celestia's school for gifted unicorns at a young age, he stayed in Canterlot, eventually graduating from Canterlot University as valedictorian of his class.
Notable Talent / Skills
Passion official special talent/skill is Illusion/transformative magic. Though he has mastered many different magic types, though at the cost of being less physically strong than most stallions. These aren't really skills but, I didn't have anywhere else to put them lol 1. He's a lycan pony, he turns into a wolf during the full moon, though he's still himself, just with some added cravings and instincts. The necklace he wears is one of his own invention that keeps the change from happening when he's wearing it. 2. Due to a botched memory transformation spell, if he's touched by fire, even just a small bit, he transforms into a large, fully grown dragon, unlike his wolf self though, he loses control and usually needs to be subdued or just wait the change off.
Detailed History
Once again two ways

Canon backstory fic, he's basically me after I came to the world of Equestria through the Canterlot High Portal with Sunset and my other OC Cloudy Skies. From there, he lives in Canterlot Castle until eventually moving to the Crystal Empire with Rarity to lead it after Shining and Cadence's deaths.

RP backstory, born in Baltimare, moved to Canterlot when he was just a colt. Lived in Canterlot for the rest of his life, sometimes traveling to other nations or random places to study magic or ancient artifacts.