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Lives in Apartment, Manehatten Equestria · Born on April 7, 1998
Misc. RP Information
Welcome to my profile! First, a few rules

- Private Messages Only: I really don't like using IM, it just bugs me. Wallpost is fine, I guess, but I really prefer to use PM. I would mention chatrooms, but they seem kinda dead around here nowadays.

- Roleplay Types: My favorites are usually romance, adventure, slice of life, and horror/grimdark. I'm willing to do other types like sci-fi, action, crossover, and so on. The only types that I won't do are gore and vore.

- Starters: I don't really care who starts. If you want me to start, I'm more than happy to. However, if you do send the friend request and ask to rp, I would hope that you'd be willing to send a starter

- Length: This is another rule that I'm pretty casual about. I'm fine to have messages that are 1-3 paragraphs, but if you are someone that is more comfortable with 3-4 sentences, that's fine to! It's up to you, I'm flexible with this

- Waiting: This is a big one. If I haven't sent a message in a few days, then feel free to send me a quick reminder. If it's been a week, then feel free to send me a bit more than a quick reminder. If it's been five minutes, please don't start spamming me till I respond. This is a rule that I really do take seriously.

- Romance/ERP: Romance with my character will take time, and if you decided to read on, you'll understand. She isn't going to fall for someone over night, so please don't expect that to happen if you want romance. As for ERP, I don't plan to do it often, unless we've had a good romance RP that has been going on for a while.

Profile Pic: The art wasn't done by me, no attempt of art theft has occured, the credit goes to the artist who created it! If you would like a like to see said persons DeviantArt, or I need to give more info due to rules, PM me!

Last Note: The intention of this character is to portray a more realistic version of what would happen to a pony if they experienced a gender swap spell. A lot of the time on the site, ponies do the whole gender swap thing for a couple weeks for fun, and I admit, I enjoy that too! For this profile though, I wanted to explore the idea of taking a gender swap spell more serious, and have a more grounded approach to it.

Password is "Identity"
Earth Pony
Current Location
Short Biography
Amber is currently living in the city of Manehatten, enjoying a quiet and peaceful life in her own little apartment. She works as a waitress at a Cafe across the street, and enjoys playing music on her French Horn in her free time. She enjoys socializing every now and then, but doesn't talk much about her life before coming to the big city. She comes off as rather closed off, and even a little grumpy if you press her for details. Her main reason for that is because she's been under a curse for the past eight months.

Eight months ago, Amber wasn't even her name, she was a stallion named Amp (You know, like an amplifier? With the music cutie mark and everything). He was an easy going stallion living in the city of Canterlot, doing his best to start a music career in the Capital and enjoy a life with wealth and fame. He grew to be cocky, and even a little arrogant, and enjoyed partying and mares. One day, all of that arrogance resulted in an ironic twist of fate. He found himself pissing off the wrong mare, who just so happened to be a sorceress. A curse caused the stallion to be turned into a mare, as punishment for his cruel words and ignorant behavior.

Now, "Amber" has been left with no choice but to start over, abandoning her old home and friends. She's reestablished herself in Manehatten under a new name, putting her music career on the side in order to focus on paying her rent, bills, and necessities for the new life she has to live.
Preferred RP Style
Narrative, Short ( i.e. Asterisk actions )
Preferred RP Medium (Where you RP the most)
Private Messages
Common Locations your Character will be.
Manehatten, Canterlot
Assets / Property / Bits
Property: Small apartment

Bits: Not enough
Skin / Coat Color
Ruder stallions, magic
Long term goal(s)
Return to normal or become happy with her new life
Detailed Personality
She's a generally quiet person who prefers to keep to herself. However, she is usually willing to socialize and strike up a conversation. That being said, she can become a grumpy pretty easily if the conversation goes in a direction she doesn't want it to.
Waitress / Aspiring Musician
College Dropout...heh heh
Notable Talent / Skills