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Friday, April 3
Week long party bonanza
Cheat Code

The 3 Days of Eggman
Pinkie Pie

Saturday, April 4
Blood Moon
Comet Stripe

Season 5!
Light Stroke

Sunday, April 5
Wedding of Rainbow Bolt and Jipsy Bubbles
Rainbow Bolt

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Thursday, April 16
AJPie's One-year Anniversary
Pinkie Pie

  • 2015-04-16
  • Thursday, April 16 at 6:00 am
  • ·
Thursday, April 30
Rainbow Dash's and Fluttershy's Wedding
Rainbow and Flutters

Monday, May 4
Emperor Diamond's Grand Birthday Gala and Formal
Emperor Diamond Shine

Monday, May 11
The first EVER Soarin' speaking line
Soarin' and Rainbow Dash

Saturday, June 6
Ask-Teenage-Scootaloo and Teenage-Scootamods B-day

Sunday, June 21
Summer sun celebration
Tiger Lily

Thursday, June 25
Aelita and Cobalt's baby shower
Aelita Schaffter Stones